Hope For Greater Faith

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

The world needs greater faith. It is up to you to give it to them. It is up to you to show them the light, show them Yeshua.
Jeffrey Levinson


Shalom, I am Jeffrey Levinson with GOD TV, and welcome to God Today. Today I am going to talk to you a little bit about faith. If you have been a subscriber for a while to God Today, you may have heard others speak about faith. But what I am speaking about is a faith that was given to us and given to me.

I don’t know what level of faith you have, You know when I asked Messiah Yeshua Jesus into my heart, and the Holy Spirit came in, I was accorded a certain measure of faith. You were accorded the same measure of faith. I am the only believer in my family. A family of Jewish people. People that are orthodox, people that are conservative, my family. I am the only one. The only faith they see is faith from me.


As I said, I don’t know what measure of faith you have. The faith that you have is not understood by the world. People don’t understand the faith. Faith is a hope that the world will be a better place. You have been given that faith. Faith to do things supernaturally is a lightbulb to the world. It is like a moth to a flame. If you have faith in God, He has faith in you. If you have faith in God, you know He is real. God says, “I have given you all the gifts, you will do greater things of me in my name.” in Yeshua’s name. That is faith. And you believe it, and you understand it, and you know it, and you use faith. What does that mean?


That means people are not going to understand it, but it is going to draw people to you. In your prayer time, you say, “Lord, by faith I am bringing many to the harvest. Lord, by faith, I am saving many from Hell and bringing them to Heaven.” It is a draw to them. And how do you do it? You do it supernaturally. It confounds the demons of Hell. It confounds Satan when you operate supernaturally. Faith is a supernatural gift.


When you have faith and you operate in faith, things happen. Things happen around you. People are drawn to you. That is when you can give them the light. The light of Messiah Jesus. And you go to them, and they come to you and you say, “This is the faith I have. Faith in God. Here is how it came, here is how it is, here is what it means, and here is what it means to me, and here is what has happened in my life.” 


By faith I believe, by faith, it has been given to me. Abraham, by faith, went to make a sacrifice. And he had faith in the Lord God Almighty, and he knew that the Lord said, “Sacrifice your son, Isaac.” But he had faith he was going to be given many nations. So, he knew. He knew that his son was the seed of many nations. He knew by faith God was going to do something miraculous. And He did. It was a supernatural, miraculous time. 


He was ready to sacrifice His son and an angel came. That is supernatural. He stopped his hand from sacrificing his son. That is the same faith that is accorded to you and me. That is the same faith the world won’t understand, but the world is longing for faith. We are in a time and a place, and a season now. Whatever you are going through, you need greater faith. The world needs greater faith. It is up to you to give it to them. It is up to you to show them the light, show them Yeshua. It is up to you to show them where they can find the measure of faith you have.


My prayer for you today is that your faith would be increased still. You would have greater faith, and greater supernatural occurrences would happen in your life as you walk. Because He said, “I have accorded to you that you shall do much in my name. You shall do many miracles in my name. In the name of Jesus.” And that is by faith that is accorded to you. In Jesus’ name, I am praying this will be your best day ever. I am Jeffrey Levinson and this is God Today.