Maximizing Your Time With Jesus

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

Trust Jesus. He has got the best for you. He has got every promise that is in His heart for you, in His perfect way, in His perfect timing.
Matt Sorger


Hi, this is Matt Sorger with Matt Sorger Ministries. Welcome to God Today. Today I want to share with you a little bit about something from my own life. For years, I served God single. I got saved single, I got called into ministry single. I preached single and it was me and Jesus. 


For those that are watching today, maybe you are single right now. And you’re desiring to be married and you desire this in your life, but you wonder when? How? If? You have lots of questions in the process and in your own journey with God. Maybe you are married and you are praying for the rapture, praise the Lord! Haha! Look. For those of you that are believing God for a mate, I want to share just a little bit from my own journey.


First of all, I wanted to say, as a single person, life doesn’t begin when you get married. Life begins right now. So, while you are single I want to encourage you with something. Maximize your time. What do I mean by that? I mean maximize your time with Jesus. Maximize your time with God in prayer and pour yourself into everything God will call you to be and do. Really maximize it. I would say this as well: Let the Lord do a great work in you so that you are fully prepared for the one God has for you. 


Now, as you are walking this process out and this journey out, you want to come into marriage whole. As whole as possible, so that you 100% give. And I look at relationships and marriage like this, it is not 50/50 where we go in half and half. But really, if two people come together whole and whole, that means they can 100% give to one another and it makes the best scenario, the most joy-filled, God-anointed marriage ever. 


I just wanted to declare this over you today. If you desire marriage, God has it for you. God has that for your life. If you are happy single that’s great too. Because I don’t want to put anyone in a box here today. But, for me and my journey, I was serving God, I was faithful to God. I was patient, I was waiting on God for the right one that He had for me. 


Where did I meet my wife, Stephanie? We met in a place I never thought I would meet my wife. I met her in Africa. We were in a Muslim village, a village somewhere in the middle of Arica bringing the love of Jesus to this village. She was on one team and I was on one team. There we were, on this outreach, following God. She was following God, I was following God. And the Lord led our steps together to meet in the village. We were with Heidi Baker out in Mozambique, Africa. And that’s where we met on the mission field. It was the last place I thought I would meet my wife.


I really want to encourage you today. If you are wondering how, wondering when, wondering if…be faithful to God, serve God, pour yourself into relationship with God. As you are walking your life out, God will direct your steps to that one that He has anointed and ordained for your life. Then when God brings you together, it can be a 100% give situation where you pour into her, she pours into you, or your mate, and as you give it can be filled with God’s love, filled with God’s presence, filled with God’s anointing. It is not that you will never have to work through an issue here or there but God has that amazing blessing for your life today. 


Don’t be weary in well-doing, hope deferred makes the heart sick. Don’t let your hope get deferred. Trust Jesus. He has got the best for you. He has got every promise that is in His heart for you, in His perfect way, in His perfect timing. And everyone’s timing may be different. Some people get married really soon and really early in life. Some get married a little bit later in life. God has a perfect plan for you, a perfect way for you, perfect timing for you. So walk it out in faith and in trust. Don’t be anxious, don’t be worried. Rest and trust in God. Keep your eyes open and keep your heart prayerful and God will direct your steps today. He will fulfill the desires of your heart. He has put those desires there. He will be faithful to fulfill those desires. God bless you guys today. This is Matt Sorger and you are watching God Today.