Our Ongoing Relationship With Israel

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

You bear the responsibility to work with Israel and the Jewish people, to take the Gospel out to all men everywhere.
Dr. Raymond Gannon


My name is Dr. Raymond Gannon, I am the academic dean of The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute.  Welcome to God Today. I would like to take the next minute or two to speak of the covenant relationship that includes both Jewish and Gentile people; both Israel and the Church.


We find this alluded to in Jeremiah 31, some 600 years before Yeshua was born.  God was going to make a New Covenant with the house of Israel, with the house of Judah.  The distinct features of this covenant would be that sins would be forgiven, there would be a spiritual transformation that would take place within the hearts and minds of God’s people, they would know the voice of the Lord individually and have a practical, real relationship with God.


This covenant, like every other covenant, had to be implemented by shed blood and mutilated flesh.  Exactly what Yeshua did in Matthew 26 at the Last Supper, at that Passover. The message of the Good News, the Gospel, would be set out by the Jewish people, the recipients of the New Covenant.  They were commanded to take the Gospel to peoples around the world. When we come to the book of Romans we see this message would be received by Gentiles, by nationals around the world. They would then be grafted onto Israel’s olive tree and become a part of the covenant people.  Together, then, they would share the same responsibilities as the whole House of Israel. As the covenant people, they are responsible together as teammates, as fellow players, to carry the Gospel out, and impact the world with the Good News of Yeshua. 


I want to encourage you to realize that you have an ongoing relationship with Israel, with the Church, as members of the New Covenant community.  You bear the responsibility to work with Israel and the Jewish people, to take the Gospel out to all men everywhere. I want to share a prayer for you, now.  I want to pray for you. Let me have that now.


Father, we look to you in Yeshua’s name.  All my brethren here, whether Jewish or Gentile, who have received Yeshua is part of the commonwealth of the House of Israel.  They have spiritual responsibility before you. God, give favor, give anointing upon each brother, upon each sister. Help them to love one another with a pure heart, fervently.  Help them to work together. Help them to be ambassadors of your light, in anticipation of the day all of Israel shall be saved. We give you thanks and praise in Yeshua’s name. Amen.