Using Faith To Move Mountains

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

...We pray to God and get involved and then God says, 'I am going to use your mouth. You speak and the mountain is going to move.'
Rob Mallan


My name is Rob Mallan from Reliant Family Church in Tampa, Florida, and welcome to God Today. I can have faith with you but I cannot have faith for you. Jesus said to many people He didn’t say, “It is my faith that is going to heal you.” He said, “It is according to your faith…it is your faith that heals you.”


When you get born-again, we have no excuse because the Bible says that we have all been given what’s called the measure of faith. This means that when you get born-again you are pre-wired with faith. And so, the way you grow that faith is by applying the Word of God to your heart, applying the Word of God to your mind. The more Word you put in that heart, the more faith that is going to rise.


Again, I cannot have faith for you, but I can have faith with you. I can believe with you. The Bible says in Mark 11:23-24, and I am reading from the NLT version, “As I tell you the truth,” this is Jesus talking, “I tell you the truth. You can say to this mountain, say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea.’ And it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.”


Now, we all have enough sense to realize that when Jesus was talking He was not talking about a physical mountain. We are not out here trying to move mountains and tell a mountain to move and go. But there are all kinds of mountains that we all face. We face physical mountains, we all face financial mountains. We face mountains in our marriage, with our kids, on our business, with our co-worker or employee, or life in general. We all have mountains that we face. But Jesus said the key, one of the master keys to move mountains out of your life is not to talk about how big the mountain is, not to scale the mountain and say, “Wow, this is the biggest mountain I have ever seen before.” No. We downsize the mountain, we move the mountain by using God’s Word.


Isn’t that interesting? When you think about a mountain being in your way, that I would simply speak to it and it would move? I am going to share a very quick testimony from my own personal life. My son, Jonathan, who is now 18, just received a scholarship to play football. And we are very excited for him. But when he was very young, we took him to a doctor and the doctor said he had an issue with his heart.


We were very concerned at the time because there was an irregular heartbeat and a little hole in his heart. At first, when you hear this news, we were very concerned. Even today, it still crosses our minds. But the doctor said to us, “He is never going to play football the way other kids do. He is never going to be able to play baseball and sports like other kids do because of this heart malfunction.” And so, my wife didn’t tell me about it right when she heard about it because it took her breath away. Then she shared it with me. Then we both started walking in faith. We realized that this heart issue was personal. When your kids are getting touched or your kids are going through something, or you are going through something it is personal And it is hard sometimes to speak to mountains when you’re going through it personally. It is easy to speak to other people’s mountains when they are walking through a difficulty. I have faith for them, I have faith to believe. But when that mountain hits you, or when difficulty hits your life can you still speak the word with clarity? Can you still speak the word with faith?


God moves mountains in our lives by words. He uses words. Words are the currency that God uses in the Kingdom. And so, when we use God’s Word, think about this…if you have a financial problem, instead of talking about the problem, speak the solution. You are not in denial. You are not in denial. You are just speaking and agreeing with God’s best. 


So what did we do? When our son got the information, when we received the information, the diagnosis, instead of agreeing with what the doctor said, we got the information and we started speaking to the condition. We started speaking to the mountain. That has been, I don’t know, 16-17 years ago now. And now our son, after speaking to this mountain, is now moving on to a college campus in the next 30-60 days and will be playing football on a full scholarship.


What if we were to sit back and just say, “You know what? This mountain is too big. Jonathan, you know what? You have to find something else to do. You can’t play sports. You have to give up on your passion and dreams.” No. His dream was to play football from the time he was very young. So we agreed with him, this was going to be your dream, this is going to happen. A feeling was going to take place. It was hard, it actually did take place. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened.


You might be sitting at home saying, “Hey! I have a mountain of debt. I have a mountain of addiction. I have a mountain of a husband problem, I have a mountain of a wife problem.” Whatever it is. God can move that mountain, but guess what? He uses you to move the mountain. And guess what? This is powerful to me…your mouth actually participates in the miracle. See, we pray to God and get involved, and then God says, “I am going to use your mouth. You speak and the mountain is going to move.”


So Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank you that when we see mountains we will not talk about how big the mountain is. We will not be intimidated by mountains, whether they are physical, spiritual, emotional. Whatever they are, God, I thank you that we will use faith and do what the Bible says. We will speak to the mountain. We will tell that mountain to be lifted up and thrown to the sea. And because we believe in our hearts and we don’t doubt it will happen. I believe it with you. I am in agreement with you that God has given you the strength, the tenacity, the ability to speak to your mountain and your mountain will move.