A Season Of Divine Restoration

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

...where the enemy worked his assignment God broke it and brought a seven-fold restoration. He will do the same thing for you.
Matt Sorger


Hi, this is Matt Sorger with Matt Sorger Ministries, welcome to God Today. You may have been through some things in your life. And maybe today you are dealing with some things in your life where you feel like you need some restoration. Mauve you feel like some things have been lost. Or there has been loss of relationship, or loss financially, or you suffered something emotionally where you feel like emotionally you’ve experienced some suffering and some loss.


We are in a season – and I want to give you a prophetic word today – we are in a season of divine restoration. There is restoration coming to your life, and into your home. There is even divine restoration happening in families today. If there has been any kind of division or conflict in your family, I want you to know that God has your family right in the palm of His hand. He is going to heal your family, restore your family, and in fact, make all things nI want to read a scripture to you today in Proverbs 6:31 and it’s a promise for you today. “But if he is found out,” this is the thief, “when the thief is found out, he must restore seven times what he stole. He must give the whole substance of his house if necessary, to pay back or meet his fine. Now, look. God is going to do something in your life today. He is going to make the enemy regret ever messing with you. Because you have not only been called by God, you are chosen by God. And when you are chosen by God, God’s hand is on you, His favor is on you, His grace is on you. 


Now, the Bible never says, “There will never be a weapon formed against us.” The Bible does say though, “No weapon formed against you will prosper or will succeed.” That’s the difference. You may go through things. There may be weapons formed against you. There may be things that happened to you in life, that are not fair. That causes pain. But here is the thing. In Christ, those weapons will not be successful against you.


Once you discover that the thief has tried to rob something from your life, maybe it is your finances, maybe it is your health, maybe it is a relationship…once you discover that the thief is an operation you have authority in Christ, to command a seven-fold blessing to come back to you. And this is the promise of scripture. That when the thief is discovered, he doesn’t just have to restore back to the original intent. And this is how God restores. And this is so amazing and I have seen it in my own life. That when the thief comes to rob from you, and God restores it, God isn’t just going to restore you back to His original design. He is actually going to make you seven times better. 


So if you have had your joy robbed from you, today discern that the thief has tried to rob your joy. And say, “In the name of Jesus, I command seven-fold joy to come back to me.” Maybe you have struggled in your health today. Well, Jesus had seven-fold health for you today. But once you discern that the thief was an operation, here is the first thing you have to do. If there is any hurt involved, any offense involved, choose to forgive. When you forgive, you clear your heart.


I am going to share something that happened in my own life. So, I was somewhere ministering and something bad had happened, and in my life, someone had taken finances. This is a financial thing that I went through. Someone had taken finances from me. And it was a lot of money. It was several thousand dollars. I remember I was so upset, I was so hurt, I was kind of – to be honest – I was a little bit angry. I remember feeling, “This is so wrong, God, I can’t believe this has happened to me.”


As I was driving in my car down the road, talking to God about this, God tells me, “Forgive that person for stealing the money from you. Forgive them.” And I said, “God, I will forgive them, but, ‘Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord’, Lord, I want you to deal with this situation.” And God is saying to me, “Forgive them.” Now, once I started to release prayers of forgiveness and my heart became clear, then God speaks this scripture to me, “Now that your heart is clear, and you have forgiven, declare a seven-fold restoration.”


As I began to speak it out, seven-fold restoration of my finances, something supernatural happened. Over the next week, checks started showing up in the mail from people I don’t even know how or why they were sending this money in. But it was equivalent to everything that was taken from me. And God had restored seven-fold financially back into my life. When I have seen him do this emotionally in my life, I have seen him do it physically, that where it seems the enemy has come into rob, steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly. And where the enemy worked his assignment God broke it and brought a seven-fold restoration. He will do the same thing for you.


Father, I pray today for every person watching that wherever there has been loss, wherever there has been pain, sickness, or discouragement, I pray today for a seven-fold restoration of your health, your peace, your joy, your provision in their lives today. Father, bless them seven-fold beyond anything they ever had to begin with. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. Amen. God bless you today. This is Matt Sorger and you have been watching God Today.