Renewing Our Minds To Think Like Christ

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

But one of your keys is to pray in tongues, receive increased power, increased revelation, but you’re also getting a renewing of your mind...
Robert Hotchkin


Hey, I am Robert Hotchkin, welcome to God Today. I want to share with you an encounter I had with the Lord because in it there is a secret for empowerment, a God-download, and a renewing of your mind. 


I was praying in tongues, as I often do, but one of the things I noticed as I was praying in tongues, new words were popping up that I didn’t recognize. Now, often what will happen with me is I will pray in tongues for a season or for an assignment. I will notice that when those assignments are done, new tongues come, new language comes. This was different though. I was still praying a lot of the things I had been praying in tongues. Same words, same phrases were bubbling up out of me. But there were some key new words, and when I asked the Lord, “Hey, this is different. You have never done this with me before.” He said, “What I am doing is peppering new tongues into your existing tongues because I am giving you a key to increased power to see assignments completed, victories won and breakthroughs come in long-standing battles.” 


So, as I was praying in tongues, I was seeing all this, and all of a sudden this is happening and I am realizing there is more empowerment. But, then He said something else. He said, “The other thing I am doing, is as you pray in tongues in this season…” And He invited me into a time of praying in tongues for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for 40 days. And He said, “Another thing I am going to do for my people as they pray in tongues in this season is I am going to give them a firmware update.”


I knew what He means because He is so personal and uses ways that make sense to us. I used to have this old video disc player, and it was the first smart video disc played I ever had. And sometimes when I went online with it, it would tell me it was getting a firmware update, in other words, its operating system was getting increased and updated through a download. And God was saying He was going to renew our minds so we would be able to see things the way He sees things. Think about things the way He thinks about things.


In other words, He was helping us plug into that promise of having the mind of Christ.


I really want to encourage you in this season to be praying in tongues. Because as you do, you are going to receive an increase of power to see victory in long term battles. Not that you haven’t been winning, it’s that you have been battling yet a bigger fight than you were expecting. Greater spoils are coming forth than you ever anticipated. But one of your keys is to pray in tongues, receive increased power, increased revelation, but you’re also getting a renewing of your mind through a download of Heaven so you’ll be able to look at things from God’s perspective like never before. And in that, you’ll see the victory you have in Christ so you can pray into that and you’ll get breakthrough and victory like never before.


Right now, I release to you a great grace to pray in tongues. And try it. If you have not been praying in tongues, try 5 minutes a day. If you’ve been praying 5 minutes a day, try 15 minutes a day. Take a certain amount of time, increase your praying in tongues. It will build you up in your most holy of faith, get that renewing of your mind, increase your power. You’re going to see a breakthrough, I declare it in Jesus’ name. I am Robert Hotchkin and this is God Today.