How To Be Anchored In Christ

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

And the more we equate ourselves with that reality, the more securely we will feel held on by the presence of God.
Bobbi Kumari


Welcome to God Today, my name is Bobbi Kumari, and I am from Living In Light. It is such a joy to be able to join you today. I am going to be sharing about being anchored in Christ. But before I do that, I just want to say what an encouragement it is to know that we are a global family. And that although we live in different time zones, and we live in different locations, and lead different lifestyles, but we get to be brothers and sisters in the Lord of one Spirit because we are all part of God’s family. And that is such a comforting, exciting heart-enlarging thought. And I am very grateful for it.


Being anchored in Christ…I am going to begin by just sharing Hebrews 6:19, in the Amplified version and it says this, “Now, we have this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul. It cannot slip and it cannot breakdown under whoever steps out upon it. A hope that reaches farther and enters into the very certainty of the presence within the veil.” I love this verse so much. I have meditated on this verse so frequently over the last 12 months. And it has brought me so much confidence and a real unshakable assurance, actually, that I am held so securely to Jesus. And that I am rooted in a stability that is far beyond this realm. And I just love how this scripture reminds us that actually this anchor that we have in Jesus is fastened to the mercy-seat. It is fastened to the very presence of God. It is fastened to the realm that is beyond the temporary, beyond that which we can see with our eyes, beyond our circumstances, beyond the storms. And it is anchored to a foundation that is so secure, and so unshakable that it cannot slip from underneath us. It cannot break from under us. 


But the reality is that when we are weak in our faith, and when we are not spending time in God’s presence, we fail to recognize just how securely we are held. And I think in those times of weakness and in those times of distance or seeming distance from God, we try and secure the anchor of our soul to the things around us. On to things in our temporary realm. But actually, nothing in the temporary realm can truly bring us stability. We need to be anchored to something far beyond this realm that we find ourselves in.


It’s exactly like when you have a sailor who might be in the middle of the sea and there may be a storm. That sailor is not going to throw out its anchor around the middle of the sea, hoping it will just hold on to something and secure the vessel. No. The wise sailor hooks on its anchor to something secure beyond the storm. And this is how it is for us as believers. Our soul must be anchored to something beyond the realm that we find ourselves in. And that anchoring comes from Jesus. It comes from abiding in the presence of God. And it is when we abide in God’s presence, it is when we dwell in His Word and we grow in communion with Him, it is then that we actually, really feel the confidence of that anchoring. It is then that we can sense that, “Yes, I am being held onto by the presence of God.” That, “Yes, my anchor is fastened to the mercy-seat where Jesus has gone ahead of me and made a way for me.” But when we are weak in our pursuit of Jesus, that anchoring seems so frail and so weak even though it is there.


If you are feeling weak in your faith if you are feeling that the storms around you are overwhelming you, can I encourage you to spend more time in the presence of God? Because as you do that, you will be so freshly assured that Jesus is indeed the anchor of your soul. And that you are securely held by the presence of God. And that your foundation is not here. Your security is not here in this earthly realm, but actually, your security, my security, our security is in heavenly places where we are actually, truly seated in the realm of the Spirit. And the more we equate ourselves with that reality, the more securely we will feel held on by the presence of God. The more rooted we will be in a supernatural realm. And the less swayed and the less moved we will be by the circumstances around us. 


I am just going to pray for that fresh place of intimacy with the Lord and that strengthening of security for each and every one of us. Lord Jesus, I thank you that you are indeed the anchor of our soul. And that we can find confidence in the fact that we are held on by you and that you are hope and security that cannot break from underneath us. You cannot slip from under us. You are so secure. You are so sure and steadfast. So we thank you that we have access to the Father’s presence and that we can hold onto the Father’s presence for dear life because of what you have done for us and because of who you are. And so, I pray for that to be a reality for each and every one of us in a greater measure as we face the storms of life. And as we hold on to you knowing that with you we truly are anchored. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.