The Father’s Perfect Love

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

He loves you perfectly, He loves you unconditionally. He is rooting you on, He is undergirding you, He is supporting you.
Matt Sorger


Hi, this is Matt Sorger with Matt Sorger Ministries, welcome to God Today. Now, I want to share something personal from my life. Not only am I a minister and I love to preach and teach the word of God, but I am also a husband and now a father. I have a beautiful two-year-old son and a beautiful five-month-old son. There is something that happens when you become a dad. You experience a love and a revelation that not only affects your family but also affects your relationship with God. 


I know for me, as a father, here this child comes into the world and you see this new life that is formed. And instantly there is so much love in your heart for this child. I live for my family. I live for my wife and for my children. Every single day that I am home – because I travel on the road a lot ministering – but every day that I am home, and I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is run to my son’s room. I can’t wait to see his face. I can’t wait to hear him say, “Dada!” And I can’t wait to pick him up in my arms and love him, play with him, and spend time with him. And I think to myself if I have this much love. I mean the love is so deep. It goes beyond even logical reasoning. If I have this much love in my heart for my son and for my two sons. How much and how deep is God’s love for us as His children?


I think my love is unconditional for my son. I love HIm, I celebrate everything about Him. They both have different personalities and I celebrate each one of them uniquely. I love each one of them the same. And I celebrate them. I love them. I want to spend time with them. It’s unconditional. And many times, we may grow up in families where the love has not been unconditional. Or maybe there was dysfunction or brokenness in the family. And maybe you didn’t have a father like that. That type of experience could potentially reflect or overshadow how you see God the Father.


But I want you to know this today. I have thought this to myself. If I love my sons so unconditionally and so deeply, how much greater is God’s love as Father, as the Father, is for me as His child, as His son? And you as His son or daughter. His love for you is perfect. Which means it is unconditional. You can’t earn it. You can’t work hard enough for it. You can’t achieve enough or be perfect enough to then somehow deserve His love. He made you exactly as you are. He loves you perfectly, He loves you unconditionally. He is rooting you on, He is undergirding you, He is supporting you.


He wants to see you succeed. He never takes pleasure in seeing you fail or not succeed, or mess up. He is not just waiting there to punish you if you make a mistake. If you make a mistake, He is there to say, “Hey, okay, let’s learn from this. I love you. I am going to pick you up and we are going to continue forward in life. This is the heart of God towards you today. And I know it because I have experienced just a glimpse of it in my own heart towards my own sons. 


This is Matt Sorger and you have been watching God Today. God bless you.