Healed By His Stripes

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Jesus died not only for Africa but also for Europe.  He died for us here, for our countries, for our nations.
Bret Sipek


Hello, my name is Bret Sipek.  I am a part of Christ of All Nations.  Ministry of Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke. Welcome to God Today.  We just recently finished our gospel campaign and fire conference in Budapest.  We were overwhelmed with what God was doing. The Bible says that He was wounded for our transgressions.  We were healed by His stripes. That is what we see. 


I am a campaign director.  I do a lot of preparations, a lot of networking.  Sometimes it can be very exhausting. When I see 1450 people coming for an altar call, all the pain of the hard work and hard labor was gone.  I was rejoicing, I had tears in my eyes. There are so many powerful miracles. One of the bishops even told us – a few weeks after the conference – He told us, “Now we believe.  Now, we believe miracles happen. Not only in Africa but also in Europe.” 


In Africa, we see big numbers of many, many healings, and multitudes of people coming to Christ.  We want to see the same thing in Europe. We dare to believe that Europe shall be saved. Jesus died not only for Africa but also for Europe.  He died for us here, for our countries, for our nations. 


There were so many different testimonies.  One particular one touched my heart very much.  One family, they were a similar age as we are – medical doctors.  When we heard about their lives we realized these people are making so many sacrifices for their family, for their sons, for people around them.  One of their sons – is grown now – was born deaf because of an infection in the uterus when he was pregnant. His mother, Susan, seemed to me to be like an angel.  She didn’t want him to go to a special school, she wanted him to lead a regular life. She taught him all the topics. He was reading her lips and able to be a part of a regular kids’ school program.  


We got to love them because we saw so much love and sacrifice in their lives.  What happened during the conference and during the Gospel Campaign was mind-blowing. He was prayed for and went to an auditory test.  The first doctor refused to tell him the results. He said, “You have to come again.” He came to another doctor. This doctor didn’t know his results from before.  He said, “There is a great improvement on many very important frequencies.” Translated to the normal language he said, “You started to hear properly and well.” We rejoiced and cried our tears and rejoiced with his family.


We have heard many other testimonies.  There was a word of noise during the conference.  I believe it was John League, he said, “There is a man called Robert and his lungs are in bad shape.  He will be healed.” A pastor after a few weeks came to us. He said, “I know Robert. His lungs were so bad now he is healed.  


There was another pastor who told us, “Bret, we have 12 new people.  We are a very small church. Now we have a problem. We cannot fit them in our room.  We will come to you to help us solve this problem.” He was telling us jokingly. You know, we just believe that God is moving in Europe.  We have seen so many miracles, so many changed lives. I believe that this applies to you. He was bruised for your transgressions. He was wounded for your sins.  This applies to us. I believe that if you battle any sickness, you can go to our Father. He is so good. So faithful. Let me pray for you. I believe that what is happening in Budapest, what is happening in many other places can happen right in your living room.  In the place, you are watching us.


Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus.  We want to thank you for all the good things you are doing all around Europe.  What we have seen in Budapest, what we hear from many other places, we know that by His stripes, by Jesus’ stripes we are healed.  I pray for my dear brothers and sisters. For people watching us, that you may be touched by Holy Spirit in a mighty way. You can feel the mighty hand of God touching you and healing you right now.  In the name of Jesus. Amen.