It’s Not Where We Worship, But How

Friday, March 26th, 2021

He is worthy. Not just on Sundays at church. But He is worthy at every moment of your day, even in your workplace.
Kes Evans


Hi, I am Kes Evans with Bethel Church Austin, welcome to God Today. I wanted to encourage your hearts today and talk a little bit about what it means to be a worshipper. God is looking for people that worship Him in spirit and in truth.


In John 4, Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman at the well. She asked, “Where should we worship? You worship here and we worship here.” And Jesus brought it right back to the central point that it is not about where we worship, but it’s about how we worship. In spirit and in truth. 


What does that mean? Well, I believe, personally, in truth means we worship with what we know. We worship with the word, with the written word and it is powerful because it is the living, breathing word of God. It is Jesus Himself. But we also worship by the spirit and in the spirit. It is the spirit of God inside of us that cries out to Father, Abba Father, so that place of communion with the Holy Spirit, that spirit of true worship comes out of us.


God has ordained His people to worship Him. Yes, it is a holy thing. Yes, it is a sanctified thing. But it doesn’t mean that it is just for a time in front of the congregation or when you are around other people. It means it is also our response to Him at any given moment in the day. 


For me, a lot of times worship looks like singing to the Lord or praying to the Lord. Having communion with the Lord when I am doing dishes. I have 4 children so this is a very real moment for me. I believe God is calling us to worship Him in these moments where we are not surrounded by people that are doing the same thing. But truly, where we are alone with Him, either in our closet, alone with Him praying and worshipping, or it is when we are doing our daily things. We are just taking every moment and remembering and realizing His presence is around us and within us. And not letting moments pass by to give Him praise. 


It is so important, as believers, to release our worship to God. It is our communion with Him. It is our response to all that He has done, all that He is doing. And releasing that back to Him. And you know what you are doing? You are blessing the Lord, but you are also encouraging your soul. You are also stirring your faith.


In Jude, it talks about stirring yourself up in your most holy faith. How do we do that? Well, I always encourage people, my children, that praying in tongues is a beautiful way, also, to worship the Lord. It doesn’t have to be with a melody, it can be. It doesn’t have to be through a song, but it can be. But, releasing your prayer language is a way that we can commune with God and worship God without even knowing what we are saying. The spirit, when we ask Him to come inside of us, He lives in us, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, right? And so, when He is inside of us, He gives us this beautiful ability to commune with the Father. There is that reconciliation back with the Father, as we begin to use our prayer language. We get to express the Holy Spirit inside of us, express things that we don’t even know how to say or commune with God. And this beautiful language that He has given to speak with Him and to express the longings and the groanings of our soul.


I want to encourage you, wherever you are at. Just stop for a moment and release your worship and praise to God. Because He is worthy. Not just on Sundays at church. But He is worthy at every moment of your day, even in your workplace. Even when you’re at home. Even for you homeschooling moms (I am talking to myself) just stop to pause. And to remember His goodness and release worship back to Him. And to fill your atmosphere and your environment with an environment of praise. With an environment of worship.


I want to pray for you today. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, that you are a good God. Thank you for loving us so much. Lord, I thank you that you desire for your people to worship you in spirit and in truth. To worship you with what we know and also to worship you with what we don’t know. The mysteries of God are unfolding before our eyes, as we commune with Him and on this journey. A beautiful journey with Jesus. I ask that you bless your people, Lord, that you release your worshippers in this day and age and I call them forth. Come forth, don’t be embarrassed, don’t hold back. God has so much to release to you today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.