What Does It Mean To Be A Believer?

Monday, March 29th, 2021

...we are called to be believers. That is who we are. That should be our default position, to believe God can do the impossible. 
Bobbi Kumari


Welcome to God Today! My name is Bobbi Kumari and I am from Living In Light. I am Super Blessed to be able to join you today. I would love to begin by praying that each and every one of you would be so freshly encouraged by the Lord’s delight over you, by His kind intentions towards you and that you would be reminded of His plans towards you being plans to bless you, and to prosper you, and to give you a hope and a future. Whatever mountains you may have to climb today, or challenges you have to face today, may you be so rooted in that confidence that He has totally got you.


Today, I would just love to briefly share about being believers. I know that might sound super basic, but I actually think it is quite crazy how much we, as believers, grapple with believing. And how much we can make agreement with doubt, and we can enter into unbelief, even though we are called to believe. Because we are believers. I was actually freshly challenged by this recently, as I was reading Luke 1:26-38. I was reading about Mary and how, obviously, Gabriel came to visit her and told her she was going to give birth to a baby boy. And that He was going to be called Jesus. Initially, she was anxious and filled with dread and fear. But, then the angel, Gabriel, comforted her and told her she was blessed and highly favored, and that the grace of God was upon her.


When she voiced her concerns about never having known a man intimately, Gabriel was able, again, to reassure her that she would become impregnated by the Holy Spirit. And that it would be an immaculate conception, and that even her own relative, Elizabeth, would also give birth in supernatural circumstances, in her old age.


So, Mary just receives all of that, believes all of that, and then literally responds by saying, “May it be to me as you have said.” I mean, what wild faith! You know. I don’t know if I could have had the same kind of faith as Mary. I, more than likely, would have been overcome with the anxiety of what would Joseph say, what would the locals say, you know? What would my friends and family say? How am I going to do this journey? Even, like Mary, if I did say “yes” on the spot, in the actual journey of the pregnancy, I don’t know how many times I personally would have wrestled with doubt, or unbelief, or fear.


But, here we have this young teen, who just said “yes”. She simply believed God at His word. She made agreement with what He said and she just stepped out by faith. This precious, young woman understood what it meant to be a believer. And sometimes, I think, as Christians, we make a choice to partner with unbelief. Or we make agreement with doubt when actually just like Mary, we are called to be believers. That is who we are. That should be our default position, to believe God can do the impossible. To believe that He is who He says He is, and He will do what He says He will do.


If right now, maybe you are grappling with unbelief, or doubt, can I just encourage you? We are called to believe, are called to live by faith and not by sight. And I just want to pray over us that we would break all agreement with unbelief and doubt. And that we would grow in confidence and in faith, to actually believe God, trust His word, trust His promises, and put our hope in that which we cannot see.


Lord Jesus, I thank you so much for everyone who is watching and listening. Lord, I just pray, God, that we will just rise up in such crazy faith. We would break agreement with doubt and that we would sever every tie with unbelief. And that we would function from a place of faith and confidence as our default position. That we would choose to walk by faith and not by sight. And that we would trust that you are in the business of doing the impossible. And that all we need to do is believe. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.