Come To Him As You Are, With Nothing Hidden

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

He is the wellspring that we come to, He is the fountain of life. The way we access that is by truly opening up our hearts to Him.
Lorisa Miller


Hi, I am Lorisa Miller, my husband and I lead Upper Room. Welcome to God Today. I want to encourage you today, I am thinking about the story of the woman at the well. How Jesus met her at the well. And how He offered her living water.


The interesting thing about that story, to me, is that He said that, “The time is coming where we were to worship Him in spirit and in truth.” That word “in truth” means nothing hidden. And so, I want to encourage you today, that as you approach Jesus to get living water, come to Him with nothing hidden. Come to Him with whatever you have going on in your heart, in your life. If you are fearful if you are anxious if you are frustrated if you are apathetic. Whatever you are, I just want to encourage you to come to Him and come as you are. But truly bring it to Him. That you are coming to Him to worship Him with nothing hidden.


I like to think of it like I am putting logs on a fire. Whatever I have going on, you know I am a woman, so I have so many thoughts and feelings going on all at the same time. I am just putting them before the Lord. “Lord, I feel stressed today. I am tired.” Or, “I am really excited about the day or overwhelmed, or fearful. Frustrated at my husband.” Whatever I am. But I am bringing it all and then I am coming to worship Him with all that I have. I have no shame in those things. And I don’t have to clean myself up, as I come to Him. 


But that is the place where we truly access that living water. It just flows, that He is the wellspring that we come to, He is the fountain of life. The way we access that is by truly opening up our hearts to Him. And sometimes, when we open up our hearts there is stuff in there that we would rather not be in there. But the only way to get that living water is to really open up and let Him see it all. And then you are receiving His love from this place where you know that He sees it all and He loves you as intensely as the day that you gave your life to Him. That intensity has never lessened, never will lessen. 


Come to Him today with all that you are and all that you have so that you can find true, living water. I bless you today, I just want to pray for you. Lord, I pray for everybody listening. Jesus, I pray that they would have the courage to show you everything and to know that your love surpasses knowledge, Lord. I pray, Holy Spirit, would you give them the ability to know the depth, the width, the height, and the length of your love, God. In Jesus’ name. Amen.