Being Still Before The Lord

Friday, May 7th, 2021

...wherever you are...find the time to be still and to realize that the battle has already been won.
Misha Hoyt


Hi, I’m Misha, a Messianic recording artist, and welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you about being still before the Lord.  I’m a mom of a 1.5-year-old baby boy, my husband is a full-time law student, I work recording and singing across the country with my dad, Marty Goetz.  So we are very busy in my household. I wanted to encourage you that whatever you are facing today, whatever trial or struggle it may be, the most important thing you can do is to get with God.  Be quiet before Him. For me, I’m tempted to run to my friends, or run to my family, or run to myself and try to figure out a solution to whatever problem I am facing. I find that doesn’t always work.  I find the only thing that truly works is to be before God. To be in His presence and listen to Him speak to me and offer me the solutions that I need at that moment.  


This reminds me of a scripture in 2 Chronicles chapter 20.  Israel was being aggressed upon by many nations and they were looking like they were going to lose the battle.  Instead of building a bigger army or trying to recruit some allies, they went before God and sought His face and they humbled themselves.  God told them that all they needed to do was to stand still and the battle would be won. So, if that’s true for them, that’s true for us. I want to pray for you that wherever you are you would find the time to be still and to realize that the battle has already been won and all you need to do is see the salvation of the Lord come to pass.


God, I thank you for these people that are watching, that are listening.  I pray that whatever they are facing today, God, that you would meet them where they are.   That they would take the time to be still and listen to your voice. Your still, small voice speaking to them.  That they would take the victory because the battle is won and it is not their own. It is yours. We thank you for the victory that is in Jesus.  Amen.