Fighting Our Giants

Friday, May 14th, 2021

No matter how much the enemy has tormented you or how powerless you may feel, I want you to know that you are a giant slayer.
Havilah Cunnington


Hi there. I’m Havilah Cunnington, welcome to God Today. I’m the founder of Truth to Table, a ministry where we teach Bible studies and courses to the believer, those that are just learning for the first time, or the seasoned leader that needs to be revived in their spirit. And today I want to share something that I believe is prophetic and really important that you hear for this season in the world. 

You know, I’m a mom of four boys and my boys are – I love ‘em, but they’re crazy. They’re ages 8 all the way to age 14. And one day, a couple of months ago, I went to get groceries. And when I came in to get the groceries and put them in the kitchen, my third son was laying on the ground, playing a game on his device. And I said, “Hi, Babe. And he goes, “Hi, Mom. “And he smiled. He’s very happy. I didn’t hear the other boys, but I did hear some kind of rumbling and screaming upstairs. And I thought, “Oh, they must be playing upstairs.”

Pretty soon my phone rings. And I pick up, I look at my phone and it’s my eldest son calling me. So I pick up the phone. I said, “Judah, what do you need? And he says, “Mom, Grayson locked us up in the office. We’ve been up there for an hour. We can’t get out. He locked us in.” And so I ran upstairs to open the door. And it’s a glass door and they’re pounding on it. And when I opened the door, Judah and my other two sons go running after Grayson to retaliate because they had been locked up there for an hour. 

And just as I sat back and thought, “I cannot believe that Grayson’s laying on the ground. He’s playing his game. And yet he has his three brothers that are going to pound him when he opens that door.”

You know, if we don’t deal with our enemy, it doesn’t matter how joyful we are and how much peace we may feel. The enemy is still going to come after us and hurt us. I was thinking about how we are all called to fight our giants, that every promised land has a giant. And our goal is not to ignore the giant or to cohabitate with the giant. But our job is to defeat them and deal with them. So we can live empowered. 

You know, what is a giant in our land or a giant in our life? A giant is usually big. It’s scary. It seems like it’s bigger than our God. It seems like it’s bigger than what we can do on our own. It seems that it mocks the promises of God in our life. And so it’s really important that we deal with our enemy and we do it as David did with Goliath. The first thing David did was spoke to his giant. And this is important. If you’re going to deal with your enemy and you’re going to deal with the enemy of your soul, I want you, and I want us to tell him, “Enemy, I see you. You don’t get to talk to me this way. You don’t get to deal with me this way. You don’t. I’m not going to, you’re not going to do this.”

And the second thing that David did was he took what he had in his hand. And he did the very thing that he was good at to defeat the enemy. Sometimes we think that defeating the enemy requires this profound moment of something we’ve never done before. And I would like to suggest that when we fear our enemy, God wants to use what we have in our hands. And He wants us to use it as a weapon made for this. So for me, you know, I’ve got a lot of things. I do carpool with my kids. I cook, I clean, I travel. I do a lot of things. And instead of me removing my battle until it’s this one moment where it sounds spiritual, I use what I have. If I have five minutes in the car, I’m going to use that to defeat the enemy by worshiping. If I have a few minutes in a waiting room at a doctor’s appointment, I’m going to use that to talk to God and communicate. I’m going to begin to defeat my enemy by what is in my hands. 

And then lastly, after David had hit Goliath with his smooth stone and his slingshot, he went over and the Bible says that he cut the head of the giant off. He dealt with it. He didn’t let it live. Not even a chance that Goliath could get back up. And here’s the deal. We have to go after the enemy until we know we are free. You might have the giant of addiction. You might have the giant of discouragement, depression. You might have the giant of financial hardship or relational. Go fight your enemy. Use what you have. Go to counseling. Go get someone to help you, go find somebody. Who’s been an expert in this area and let them help you.

Guys, you don’t have to fight every giant. You just have to fight yours. That’s the most critical. I’m not going to fight my mom’s giants. I’m not going to fight my spouse’s giants, but I do have to fight my own giant in order to live a victorious life. So I want to pray for you today. And I just want you to know that you are not alone. And no matter how much the enemy has tormented you and taunted you and how powerless you may feel in the face of everything, I want you to know that you are a giant slayer. You are made to kill the enemy and defeat him in your life. 

And so, Holy Spirit, I ask that every person that’s watching this today would encounter the reality of who You are in their everyday life. They are made to kill the enemy and that they are made to take the promised land in their life. And I just declare that they are going to find the courage to speak to their enemy, to use what they have in their hands that they, that they do every single day. And that they’re going to go after it until they are truly free. Lord, I pray that there would be a fervency in them that they would not settle, but they would arise up to the challenge because He who began a good work in them will be faithful to complete it. And with God, without God it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible. God bless you.