Finding God in the Day-to-Day

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Going to the secret place is so critical for each and every one of us. But then we also have to take that and bring it into our day-to-day, finding those moments to just thank God.
Eddie Tait


Hi, my name is Eddie Tait. I’m the associate leader at Bethel Austin, and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. Today I want to talk about just getting into the secret place and going after God. My daughter just came back from a YWAM mission trip. And you know, when you’ve set aside to seek after God, when you kind of turn away from all of normal life to just go after God, it’s easier. You go through those stages while you’re doing it of, “Wow, this is hard. I’m breaking off from my normal life to give everything to God in a season.” And after a while, it just becomes so normal that that’s all you want.

I even remember back when I used to travel and go on ministry trips, even if it was just a week, I’d come back and there was almost a dissatisfaction within a few days after going back to work in my job that I had in corporate America. Just the normal day-to-day dealing with everything that was once there, but I had had a break from it. And my daughter and I were talking and she said it was a little difficult to find that rhythm of praying like she used to, reading the Word like she used to – really getting into that intimacy with God that she had while she was set apart.

And I told her that we can sometimes forget that they should be unified – that that time set apart shouldn’t just be when you’ve made time to get away from life. It should be a part of how you live your life. And so we just talked about the simple things, like she used to go and have a quiet time room that she could go to – no one to disturb her. She had no distractions. And she said, “There’s no room in our house for us to do that.” I said, “Exactly, but there’s every room in our house to bring God.” And when she actually decided to do that same seeking of God, getting into the Word, praying, having quiet time, with her sisters and our dogs and life happening around her – she wasn’t only deciding to bring the intimacy of what she found with God into her day-to-day. She was also setting a standard in the atmosphere she is in. Everyone around her begins to feel what she is pressing into.

And it actually would challenge people around her to step into that same intimacy, that same type of desire that she had when she was alone. And we walked through the different ideas of, it’s not always going to be easy, but it’s pretty simple. Seeking God is pretty simple. You just give Him what you have. It may not be the easiest. It may not be the most convenient. There may be distractions, but learning how to find Him in the midst of all of that is a greater victory than just finding that alone time where no one can distract you.

We need those alone times. Going to the secret place is so critical for each and every one of us. We have to find that time where we set aside our hearts, our intention, our desires, all towards Him. But then we also have to take that and bring it into our day-to-day, finding those moments to just thank God. Finding those moments to just quiet ourselves and be aware of His presence. It changes something inside of us and it changes everything around us.

So I just want to encourage you today that even though sometimes those alone times where there are no distractions feel so pure and so rich, bring those into your day-to-day. Bring them around the people you love. Let them see the witness of your life and how you go after God. So I just want to pray for us. Father, I thank You, God, that You’ve put a hunger in us, You’ve put a desire in us to just seek You, to be intimate with You.

And Father, sometimes we’re not going to have the right circumstance to be able to conveniently find that time with You. But God, I pray that we would be able to turn ourselves to a place where nothing around us would prevent us from finding the intimacy and the love that You can give us. So Father, right now I bless each and every person watching and listening to this that they would find You in their day-to-day. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.