Freedom From Depression

Saturday, July 10th, 2021

When that word "finished" came out of His mouth, every bit of guilt, shame, torment, condemnation, and depression instantly left me and this joy flooded my life twenty-eight years ago. I have not been depressed a day since.
Rebecca Greenwood


Hello, I’m Rebecca Greenwood with Christian Harvest International, and I want to say welcome to God Today. I’m so excited to share with you a part of my personal testimony that I’m so grateful for. When I tell this you’re going to hear me giggle because the Lord has filled me with joy. I’m so grateful for the freedom that He has brought me, because believe it or not friends, I used to be bound by a spirit of depression. I was a prodigal for three years, loved my family, but did everything in the world you were not supposed to do. After that, I did what every good Baptist girl does because I was raised Baptist. I went back to the Baptist church, rededicated my life and that was great. My husband and I married serving as youth pastors. The Lord moved us to a church in Houston and we became acquainted with the Holy Spirit and our lives radically began to change.

When we were in the services, God’s presence would begin to flow so powerfully and I was good in corporate anointing, but then I would go home. As soon as my husband would walk behind the doors of our home, this torment of all the sins I had done during those three years would come to mind. The enemy would say, “You remember this, remember that? You think God loves you. You think He can use you. You think your salvation is secure.” I would wake my husband up at night and say, “Lay hands on me and pray for me.” He’d lay hands in his sleep and start praying for me in the Spirit so I could go back to sleep.

Finally, one day I put our daughter down for a nap. She was two-and-a-half years old and the Lord had told me if I could worship, I could rise above this torment. So I began to worship the Lord and then I could hear Him. And He said, “Becca, open up the Bible and read about the woman with the issue of blood.” So I did. Then He said to study it. For 12 years, this woman had been ill. She had spent all of her money. Not only that, she could have no human contact. Not only that, every time she walked out in public, she had to word-curse herself, “Unclean, unclean, unclean.” There was all this word-cursing and shame around her as well.

So she needed healing in her physical body, in her finances, and from the power of those word curses. She needed the healing of no human contact in that shame for 12 years. She saw Jesus and she pressed through and she grabbed hold of the hem of His garment. We know the story. She was healed. I threw myself down on the living room floor. I could see it. The Lord allowed me to see it. I could see her healing. He opened my eyes and I could her after the healing. I could see her running and hugging people and shouting, “I’m clean, I’m clean.” As I was laying on the floor, weeping, I shouted, “Jesus. I’m grabbing hold of the hem of Your garment and I’m not letting go till I’m free.” I felt His presence.

My shouting woke up my prophetic two-year-old baby girl. “Mama, Mama, Mama, why are you crying?” So I went and I got her and I worked really hard on her snack that day, a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich. She came out a seer. We knew this. I was sitting at the table and the spirit of depression came back and said, “I told you I would never leave you.” And my two-year-old daughter started laughing uncontrollably, hitting her leg. “Mama, it’s so funny.” Nothing was funny to mama at this moment. Finally, I said, “Kendall, baby, what do you see?” She said, “Mama, don’t you see?” She climbed out of her booster seat and started walking back and forth like a warrior, roaring. I said, “Kendall, what is it that you’re seeing?” “Mama, it’s Jesus. He’s here doing this for you. He started walking back and forth like a warrior.”

I said, “Jesus if You’re here fighting for me, I’m getting in the fight with You.” I got to church that night. I went up to my homegroup pastor and I grabbed her by the arm, I turned her to me, and I said, “Tonight is my night for freedom.” She looked right at my eyes and she said, “You’re right. It is.” She laid hands on me and she prayed this simple prayer – “Lord, show her what You want her to see.” The Lord took me in this vision and there was this ancient book and it was in Jesus’s hands and He got it right up to my face. And I saw my name, Rebecca Long Greenwood, written in gold in the Lamb’s book of life. I fell to the floor and began to weep. 

Another pastor came over and he laid hands on my eyes and he said, “Lord, show her what You want her to see.” This time it was another vision and it was Jesus. He was coming to me on the wind of the Holy Spirit friend. He said, “Becca, take up your cross, follow Me. It is over. It is finished.” When that word “finished” came out of His mouth, every bit of guilt, shame, torment, condemnation, and depression instantly left me and this joy flooded my life twenty-eight years ago. I have not been depressed a day since.

Right now, for every one of you that are watching that struggle with depression, that same freedom that You brought me, Lord – we break that spirit of depression off their mind and their emotions right now in Jesus’ name. We say go in Jesus’ name. Lord, flood them with Your joy, flood them with Your peace. This is their day of freedom and deliverance.