Be Still and Know That He Is God

Saturday, August 14th, 2021

If the only time that you spend with the Lord is with others, you're missing it.
Amy Robbins


Hello, welcome to God Today. My name is Amy Robbins with Pure Life Counseling. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being still to know He is God. Psalms 46:10 says,”Be still and know that I am God, I will be honored in every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

We probably agree that time with the Father is pretty important, right? Some will say that they walk and talk with the Father all day, every day and that is their time with God. Others struggle to carve out intentional time and have a very justified list of responsibilities this long affecting their daily schedules and availability to do so. My friends, there is no substitute for positioning ourselves in the presence of God, being still to listen to Truth, the Person of Truth and know that He is God above it all. Give us this day, our daily bread. It’s not weekly or monthly bread. We’d be starving. It is daily bread for a reason. 

Let’s look at the life of Jesus. Scripture often tells us that Jesus quote, “withdrew to be with the Father.” So let me ask you this question, if Jesus who carried the responsibility of the salvation of all mankind could find time to go away and be with the Father do we have any excuse? In fact, if He needed it how much more do we need it? 

Let’s take a step further. Our ability to love others is a direct reflection of our ability to love and be loved well by God. And our level of intimacy with our spouse, with our friends, our family, it’s a direct reflection of our level of intimacy with the Father. So we love each other best by loving God first. 

In counseling I  had a couple of who thought their time with the Lord needed to, now be since they’re a couple, always together. So they had not had their personal time with the Lord since they had been a couple. They got powerful breakthrough realizing that they needed to prioritize their personal relationship with the Father first. 

So here’s some truth. If the only time that you spend with the Lord is with others, you’re missing it. If the only time a pastor reads the Word of God is to prepare a message He’s missing it. If the only time a worship leader is worshiping is for a set they’re missing it. If the only time we pray is in public, we’re missing it. 

There is no substitute for stewarding your personal relationship with the Father. Your personal relationship with God is the foundation of your life and your marriage. Your marriage is the foundation of your family. Your family is the foundation of your church and your church is the foundation of your community. And it grows from there, but it all originates with our personal relationship With God. 

I want to bless you today. May the Lord bless you to know the reward of prioritizing time to be still with Him. May the Word of God nourish your mind that you may rightly divide Truth from a lie, but you may know the promises of God and be rooted in the Person of Truth. Father God, I just thank you for your Truth and how it sets us free, Lord, how it puts us on the right path that you reveal Yourself to us. As we come to You say, when we seek, we find, and we thank you for that God. I pray that You minister to every person that is within hearing distance of this word, God. Birth a hunger in their hearts to come away with their first love and just be in Your presence. God, to hear Your voice, may You increase their ability to hear You, Father, to see You all around them, God, and to experience Your presence day in and day out in Jesus name.