Hearing God’s Voice

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

We do hear the voice of God and we need to be obedient when we hear Him.
Peggy Pohl


Hi, my name is Peggy Pohl and I’m with GOD TV and welcome to God today. I want to share about hearing the voice of God. 

This happened to me about a week ago. It had been a normal day of just being busy. My husband had gone to go play golf and he had hurt his knee, twisted his knee really bad. We had met in crossings and we didn’t pray about it or do anything. He was just believing God. Actually, I had a hair appointment, and you ladies you know, when you have a hair appointment, it’s so important to make that appointment. 

Anyhow, I get back home and I sit down on the couch and he was sitting on another couch in our home. We were about 10 feet apart. I think this is important for people to know. And I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Invite me in your home” and I said, “Ok.”. I said, “Honey, the Lord just spoke to me and said that we were inviting Me in.” He said, “Ok.” So we got quiet before the Lord and turned the TV off. 

The Lord had me just to start praying, but it was a different prayer. It wasn’t what I would normally pray. He was just having me to speak my heart. As I was speaking my heart concerning what was going on with Alton’s leg and some other things, He just started moving in our home. I could actually feel Him as He was moving around in our home. I knew exactly where He was. It was so amazing. 

When we finished praying, my husband always walks our dog in the evening, and he pushed back the footstool that his leg was on because he had it propped up. He put it down and he was completely healed. There was no more pain. Whatever had happened with his ligaments, it was completely gone. There was no more swelling or anything. He took the dog for a walk that was almost a mile. I think I talked about the suddenlies of God. That was a suddenly of God because God can move how He wants to move. 

One of the things that I believe was imperative for us is that…Number one, we do hear the voice of God and we need to be obedient when we hear Him. Number two, let God instruct you on what He wants to do with that, that very time. Sometimes we want to do it the old way and my instructions at that moment were to pray completely different than what I do because I want, and I know you want, the results of the Kingdom of God. For us to be obedient and follow instructions and just do what the Holy Spirit instructs us to do is so powerful. We just praise God and I praised God for days. 

I think it’s also very important to share that testimony. Share your testimonies with people, but be obedient to what God tells you to do at the time that He tells you to do it. I just want to bless you and thank you for joining us today. You’re blessed and you’re loved by the Father!