Keys To The Kingdom

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

It is such an incredible Kingdom inheritance that we have.
Rebecca Greenwood


I am Rebecca Greenwood of Christian Harvest International and I want to welcome you to God Today.  Friends, how many of you are familiar with the scripture from Matthew 16? Where Jesus was talking to Peter and His disciples and He says, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom.”  It is such an incredible Kingdom inheritance that we have. I want to talk to you about the keys of the Kingdom and the authority He has given us.

I believe, prophetically, we are in a new season and a new era of understanding.  See, I am even dressed prophetically. I have my key on that was made from my friend, Renee Springer, she gave it to me as a gift.  I also have a key I am going to talk to you about – that appeared supernaturally. It is a little key and it has the word “Master” on it.  And it has a crown.

The Lord told a group of us to go to the Bible College of Wales that was founded by Rees Howells, an amazing man of God.  He prayed to change history and shape the history of the world. During WWII, he and his band of warrior intercessors and the Bible college prayed for five years, nonstop, on the wall.  To see this Nazi regime defeated, and God’s chosen people released and freed. The Lord told us to go into the Bible college, into the chapel, and to pray. I am going to be real. We thought, “We are intercessors, we are going, we are going to encounter the Lord.”  

Friends, when we got there, there was one day we began to pray in that chapel.  When we began to pray, this portal of glory just opened up. All of a sudden, it was like a convergence, a synergy of the ages.  You could hear in the Spirit, intercession for all those years. All those decades that had continued in that chapel. It was like we cut that glory, and we began to ride that wave.  We began to cry out for Israel. We began to say, “Lord,” and He told us to do a prophetic act about a key to see Israel shift to righteousness. This was before the US Embassy came, all of this time.  As we began to pray, God’s presence broke out on that campus. The students would go to the cafeteria to eat and they would feel His presence. They came in and the staff came in. We just hit this place of timelessness in the Spirit.

Seven of us got in the center of the floor.  We held hands and began to cry out for a revival and awakening in the nation.  Saying, “God, do it again, do it again, do it again!” Guys we had been walking around that prayer room, we have been laying on our faces, we had been in their hours.  After this incredible time of crying out for the nations, all of a sudden it was an open Heaven. I am a spiritual daughter of Peter Wagner, and he passed away on October 21st.  He endorsed, laid, their mantle of prayer and intercession on my husband and me in February 2016, before he passed in October. As I was on that floor, all of a sudden, it was like the great cloud of witnesses opened.  I saw Jesus, and I saw Peter Wagner and Rees Howells. I heard Peter’s voice. He said, “Good job, darling. You came all the way to Wales to finish giving the mantle for the nations.” I am undone and sobbing.  

After we got up, and we were done praying, I looked down on the floor, and in the center were all seven of us had held hands crying out for the nations to do it again.  A key from Heaven appeared. It is a key like I said, that has the word “Master”, with a crown on it. Why is this important? Because God has given us keys to the Kingdom.  Each of us, not just Rebecca Greenwood, not just Peter Wagner, not just Rees Howells, each of us has been given a key to the Kingdom. You know what? In Jewish culture, when a key was given over to somebody – this is why Jesus used that terminology to His disciples – it meant you were given the full authority.  As if you were the master of the house yourself. We have master keys, friends.  

Right now, Lord, for everyone watching, Lord let them know those keys to the Kingdom you are placing in their hands to influence change and see a revival come.