Breaking Off Lies

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

There is power in saying “I renounced the lie” because the enemy loses his hold. He no longer gets a say, you recognize it for what it is, and then you get to adopt the truth.
Jenna Winston


Hi, I’m Jenna Winston with Heartscaping ministries. I am excited today to talk to you about breaking off. Often we don’t realize and always stop and cognitively think about the power of our words, but word verbiage is what spoke our whole entire world and being into existence.  

Words are powerful, good or bad. So for me, if you’ve watched any of these other things or these other tools that I’ve said, there’s such an importance of identifying lies that we’re believing. I feel like there’s such a powerful exchange that happens with God. I’ve had people ask me many times, “Why do you have to say I break off and renounce the lie that dah, dah, dah, dah?” I have people do it in Jesus’s name because He says, “do it all in My name.” I was say, “in  the name of Jesus Christ,  I break off and renounce the lie, that and whatever that is.

Well, the reason why I believe that’s powerful is, one, it has completely changed my life and the fruit from it is huge and the Bible says “know them by their fruit.” I believe that part of it is that when we pull that into our cognitive mind and we consciously break partnership with it, and it wants to come at us again, we actually recognize it as a lie instead of just believing it like we did before.

For instance, I wholeheartedly believed that I was the ugliest person on the planet for many years. This is something that God went after me for a really long time. But when I actually decided to adopt the Lord’s truth. I actually said the words out loud, “Jesus, in Your name, I break off and renounce the lie that I’m not beautiful. I break off and renounce the lie that I’m the ugliest thing on the planet.”

Now, from that point on, normal situations when I used to feel so icky or that voice would come at me or things would tell me otherwise, now I would recognize it instead of actually believing it. I have broken of lies that people probably think are absolutely ludicrous, but the fruit in my life has been real. So here I am, you know, seven, eight years later and thinking all the time, “Lord, what’s the lie I’m believing in this?” because now I can feel it. I can feel when something’s coming at me. That’s not the Lord because I’ve just been doing this for so long. Now I’ll be like, “Oh wow. Yeah, wow, I break off and renounced the lie Jesus name.” Now it’s almost become this funny fly by night thing with me and the Lord. 

I wholeheartedly believe, is this a salvation thing? No. Do you have to do this to be saved? No, but I’m really big about wanting to walk into the fullness of what God has for us. I really feel like it’s almost like more like a prophetic act. It’s not that if you say this out loud, then you’re going to believe it more. I do believe that by that act of saying I break-off and renounce the lie, I’m going to be single forever. I break off in rehearsal. I’m a bad mom. I break up and renounce the lie that I’m not loved, that I’m abandoned. You know, even if it’s your truth, even if it’s what you’ve experienced, even if it’s how you feel, even if it’s what the entire world has taught you and all your experiences has taught you – if it’s not lined up with the character of God for you, it’s a lie.

So my whole first 40 years was just chaos and even though that was true, it was my experience, it completely became my filters of my expectation of everything that was to come. But by breaking off all the lies, it wasn’t my filter anymore. So when those lies wanted to come at me, I recognized them and I’m like, “Nope, nah, that’s a lie” and just wouldn’t even partner with it. It just became easier and easier and easier over time. So anyways, I just wanted to share that tool with you guys today. There is power in saying “I renounced the lie” because the enemy loses his hold. He no longer gets a say, you recognize it for what it is, and then you get to adopt the truth.

Let me pray for you today. Jesus, I thank You that You are always so excited to bring truth, that You love. the time spent with us as we trade our lives for Your truth. So Lord, I just pray that there would be such a grace on this Lord that people would actually, as they’re listening, start to recognize the things that they’re believing or how they feel or what they’re experiencing. If it’s not lined up with Your character, then they actually get to break it and break it open for Your truth to come in and rain all over everything in Jesus name, amen.