God Hears Our Prayers

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

God is alive. It's important that we get our children and our families praying together and celebrating His testimonies because He wants to do it again.
Dave Harvey


Hi, my name’s Dave Harvey. I’m the Director of increase Testimony. Welcome to God Today. I want to share with you an incredible testimony from our book, Increase Kids. This is from a single mum who had four children. 

One day, her eight year-old son came to her and said, mom, “I don’t believe that God exists anymore.” He’s not answering my prayers. Well, this mother wrote that this was an alarm for her. So she called a family meeting, got the four children together and gave them two sticky notes each. And she said, I want you children to write on there. Two prayers that you want to see God answer. 

So the kids began to write down some miracles that they wanted to see God do. Then they took the sticky notes and placed them on the corridor that they would all walk down every night, as a reminder for them to pray. Now, when God answered a prayer, they would pull that sticky note off and celebrate. She said she watched, and the children watched as sticky note after sticky note began to be pulled off. God was answering prayers. The children started to see that God was alive and that He heard them. 

But there was one sticky note that stayed on there the longest…and it was written by her eight year old son who struggled to believe that God heard his prayers. He’d written a new car for mummy. Check this out. That sticky note stayed there so long that it lost its stickiness. Mom had to put sticky tape on it and keep it on there. 

Then one day something remarkable happened. I went to have coffee with a friend and as she sat down at the cafe, a set of keys dropped in front of me and the woman who was there said to her, “I’m giving you a brand new car.” That lady received a brand new car that day. Well, you can imagine she went home and she told the kids and our eight year old son, “Check out what God has done.” He heard your prayer. Today mommy has a brand new car. 

God is alive. It’s important that we get our children and our families praying together and celebrating His testimonies because He wants to do it again. He wants our children to take the Kingdom further. Let me pray for you, “Father, I bless families right now that are facing obstacles that are facing impossibilities. Let children begin to release Heaven to earth. Let moms and dads begin to release Heaven to earth. Let Your Kingdom come, let breakthrough happen and, God, we just thank you for every answered prayer on every answered sticky note in Jesus name, amen.” 

If you have an impossible situation right now, why don’t you grab a sticky note and write a prayer to God and put it in a place where you constantly walk past, as you walk past, begin to believe and ask the Lord for breakthrough in that situation. I want to encourage you. He’s the same God who gave this mother a new car. He’s going to do it again!