Being Lead By God’s Voice

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

We've been given an invitation to hear from Heaven and overcome our circumstances. 
Lonnie Robbins


Hello and welcome to God Today. I’m Lonnie Robbins with Pure Life Counseling. Today, I want to discuss being led by circumstance or being led by His voice. It’s our choice. 

James chapter one says it this way, “My fellow believers, when it seems as though you’re facing nothing but difficulties, see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy that you can. For you know, that when your faith is tested, it actually stirs up in you, the power of endurance. Then as your endurance grows even stronger, it will release perfection into every part of your being into there’s, nothing missing and nothing lacking. The Hebrew definition of Shalom sounds just like that. It’s complete, sound, lacking nothing, safety and prosperity. So if you’re facing difficulty, this is the perfect invitation to experience the peaceful, joyous, abundant, presence of God right now. We’ve been given an invitation to hear from Heaven and overcome our circumstances. 

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re feeling like your circumstance is standing on you?  Well, we actually have been given an invitation to tell that circumstance what to do, rather than allowing them to tell us what to do. When you receive the Word of the Lord for our citrus situation, nothing can stand in the way of its fulfillment. Jesus said this, “My dear sheep hear My voice and I lead them in and out of pasture and a voice of another they will not follow in.” (John 10)

It means that you get to hear the voice of God and see it rendered fulfilled. Jesus was notorious for telling circumstances how to behave. Mark 4:35 reread it this way, “Jesus told his disciples to cross over to the other side of the lake, but when that tempest arose. Jesus was calming the sleeping in the stern – that blows my mind – His disciples awoke, and once fully awake, He reviewed the storm and here’s what He shouted to the sea,  ‘Hush, be still!” Do you know that in Aramaic has words are actually translated this way, “Peace, submit to the will of God.” 

Wow. The Word of the Lord went across to the other side, you had a horrific circumstance arose while carrying out that command, but its fulfillment was still enforced from the very beginning. Jesus taught His followers how to quiet the storm that they thought would consume them. “Hush, be still”, submit to the will of God, and the storm obeyed His very command and they were amazed. 

What has the Lord commanded in your life? Has circumstances arisen against the promise or the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit? Has it felt like a Tempest trying to take you out? Remember we’re led by the word of the Lord, not the site of our obstacles. Today’s a day of breakthrough, a day where no weapon formed against you will prevail, a day you’ll refute every tongue that accuses you. To clarify the Lord, in Isaiah 54, this is a day where you don’t look at your circumstance for guidance, but you hear the silent Word of the Lord, the whisper of your circumstance and remind it that what promises God has spoken over you and your situation. 

Let’s pray. God, I thank You that we’re not succumbing to our circumstance, but we’re telling our circumstances what to do. Thank You, God, that today is a divine day of turnaround, of breakthrough, of coming out, of hearing You clearly, any thing that’s been on our minds that we’ve not been able to hear clearly is now broken off in the name of Jesus…that we hear clearly and we press through into our promise in Jesus name, amen.