The Living Word

Friday, September 17th, 2021

The Word of God is living and breathing and personal and fully applicable for you. 
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, my name is Carl Wesley Anderson. I am both an equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker from Born to Blaze Ministries coming to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. A special greeting to our God Today audience. I’m so excited you’re watching this and I’m excited to bring you this word because God is alive today and God is speaking today. I want to talk to you today about one of my favorite subjects…how to receive from the living Word of God. You may have caught a couple of my previous segments. I talked about the established Word of God through love speaking, but today I want to define for you how you can pick up your Bible and this very day receive fresh manna from Heaven. Let me define this for you. The definition for this comes from Love Speaks (my book), it is that the Word is living, breathing personal and fully applicable. The Word of God is living and breathing and personal and fully applicable for you. 

Let me just pull out one verse of Scripture to share this with you. This is from Ephesians 6, and Paul’s defining the whole armor of God on the Roman soldier. It gets to this great verse, “Take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” So the Word of God, we know it’s defined as the sword of the Spirit. Now, the sword is very, very sharp. This comes from this kind of a symbol of the old Roman sword that was by the side of the soldiers. They would pick this up and thrust this into the enemy at close quarters and it would do extremely high damage because it was powerful. 

Why does Paul refer to the Bible as the sword of the Spirit? Well, it’s because the Bible is not just established Truth. It is that fully, but it is also fully applicable in the 21st century and beyond. If you’re watching this a hundred years from now, this Bible is going to be as applicable for you as it is for those watching this very day. Now, when I say applicable, it means the Holy Spirit can take the Word and He blows on it for you. He illuminates it for you. He makes it real for you. Thus, it becomes for you a weapon, like the sword of the Spirit is a weapon. It’s a weapon when we do this, when we speak the Word of God, it becomes a sharp sword in our mouth to defeat the lies that the enemy is trying to thrust forth at us. 

Let me kind of close this devotional with a special illustration. I have been through a very difficult battle with cancer. It lasted for four and a half years. That’s four and a half years. Very difficult treatments, very difficult days. Let me just minister this to you, no matter what you’re going through today, we are going through difficult days. Aren’t we? But no matter how hard your circumstances, the promise of God through Psalm 23 is the Good Shepherd will be with you…that is the presence of God goes with you. I can testify every step of the way the presence of God went with me. I could feel His presence throughout the very difficult days of battling cancer. One day I asked the Lord, “Am I going to live or am I going to die from this disease?” I had three small children, a wife of many years, and I was facing this battle, but I realized I was not facing the battle alone. I had the Word of God as my sword. So He gave me one day a verse from Psalm 27, verse 13. It came alive to me. It is this, “I would have despaired unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” I had my answer. I’m going to live! 

Here’s what I did. When the enemy came at me with lies, you’re going to die Carl today. I said, “No, I’m not.I have the Word of Lord.” I would say it is written, “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” and I would speak it out and it would cut down, it would cut the enemies lies in half and they would have to fall before my very presence in the presence of God within me, because I had the Truth. I was speaking the fresh, as we call rhema word, of truth out. It’ll change your life today. 


Let me pray for you. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for an activation of the living word of Jesus Christ for every person watching right now. I pray that Lord, You’d give them the courage to open their Bibles. They would go to the Word of God and that Holy Spirit, as they go there, You would breathe a fresh word of Truth with a capital T for their lives. I just speak over you now, fresh Truth coming forth and the courage to declare in the middle of the battle, “It is written…” and watch the sword of the Spirit defeat the enemy in your life, in Jesus name, amen.