Living An Unoffendable Life

Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Offense for many has become the norm. Offenses can easily happen as we are all on our own healing journey and none of us get it right all the time.
Amy Robbins


Welcome to God Today. My name is Amy Robbins with Pure Life Counseling and today I want to talk to you about living an unoffendable life. One question I’ve been asked most often through the years as a counselor is, “How do you, how does one, live an unoffendable life? This is a great question too because we are human with all of our differences on full display now more than ever.

Offense for many has become the norm. Offenses can easily happen as we are all on our own healing journey and none of us get it right all the time. Often those carrying offense feel completely justified in it as well. And to them, I say you have every right to be offended with anything Jesus is offended about. Let me ask you a question. Can offense change our ability to recognize someone or have a healthy perspective of a situation? You better believe it. 

Let’s look at a story in Scripture. When the disciples were offended with Jesus in the Gospels…I’ve been listening to reading the Word through chronologically and I love hearing it on audible and so the plays the Gospels back to back. I’ve been able to hear this story from different perspectives that I absolutely love it…So one of the things about the Scripture and the story it’s talking about Jesus, how he gave the miracle provision of food and it was multiplied. Then Jesus sent His disciples onto Bethesda and while He went up onto a mountainside to pray. Guys, Jesus didn’t explain Himself to the disciples. He didn’t explain how He did the miracle they wanted to know and where He was going. They didn’t know that either. He sent them away and went off to be with the Father. I love that about Jesus. He knows what matters most and what’s most important. 

Mark tells us that the disciples hardened their hearts, another interpretation might be “offended”. At one point, Jesus even asked the disciples if they were offended. Shortly after, as the disciples were out on a boat, Jesus came to them walking on the water and the Scripture tells us that they did not recognize Him. They were terrified. Guys, Jesus, His own disciples who had harbored offense could not recognize Him. So does the offense have the power to change our perspective of people in situations? Yes. Even ones that we love to love well and look like Jesus. We must walk free of offense. 

I’ve had my share of opportunities to be offended just as much as the next person and I don’t claim to have it mastered, but there is a method that I have found that truly does help. Ok, so let’s look at some steps, how to live unoffendable. Number one, be quick to forgive. Even those who are not asking. Number two, assume the best of intentions on others. Number three, get God’s perspective on the person and the situation. Number four, extend grace generously. Last one, number five, consider you may have it wrong. You might have seen it wrong. 

So I’m going to bless you right now. May the blessing of the Lord cause you to be one who forgives quickly, may you easily assume the best in others. Despite what may be on display, may you get God’s perspective to see others as He sees them and speak His words over them, declare God’s Words over that situation and watch it change. May you give them the same level of extravagant grace that has been given to you and may the Father reveal anywhere that you’ve missed it or need to adjust your perspective. God, we just thank you that you can give us the ability to live unoffendable no matter what’s happening around us. God, I thank You that because You have forgiveness, we can forgive others and help us to see others as You see them God; even having words of life to speak to this situation. Thank You, God that You’re with us and nothing needs to destroy our hearts as we trust You, Lord and we look to You, in Jesus name.