4 Ways To Hear God

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

We often think of God as this far off or distant person and we forget that He's near. He’s close. He lives inside of us.
Brittany Thompson


Welcome to God Today. My name is Bernie Thompson. I’m one of the contributors here at GOD TV and Relentless Woman. I’m so excited that you are joining me today. I want to talk to you about something that I get questions about all the time. How do I hear God? I know we over-complicate things. That’s just what we do. 

Sometimes the Lord speaks to us and we don’t want to hear what He’s saying, or sometimes He speaks to us and we can’t quite understand what He’s saying. Have you ever read the Gospels in the Bible and thought, “Jesus, what were you talking about? Me too. Totally been there and done that, but I have a full proof way to unblock myself when I feel like I just can’t connect with the Lord and I just can’t hear his voice. And so I wanted to share that with you today because we could all use a little more Jesus in our life.

Okay. So the first thing is that when He’s not speaking, try reading His Word that usually Unblocks me…and that is the inspired Word of God is his voice. It’s his love letter to you that he wrote over 2000 years ago to ransom you and to bring you to Him. And it says, in the Bible, that the Bible is the inherent word of God and because of that, we can trust that what He’s saying to us in that Bible, that is actually what He’s saying to us today no matter what.

The second thing that I love to do is I love to ask Him questions because we often think of God as this far off or distant person and we forget that He’s near. He’s close. He lives inside of us. So asking Him questions is one of the best ways that I’ve found to get Him talking. I’ll ask Him things like, “Hey God, What are you doing today? What’s important to you today? What do you think I should do about this situation? What do you think about this outfit I’m wearing today?” I will ask Him the silliest questions, knowing that He’s my friend and He’s going to show up for me and that He loves to talk to me.

The third thing is that I like to sit still and just let Him be, just be with Him. Sometimes when you have a friend and they’re going through something or they’re processing something, you just sit on the couch with them quietly and just wait for them to gather your thoughts. God sometimes likes to just sit with us and gather His thoughts and share them with us. Just know that sometimes God shares things with you not because He needs you to tell everybody about it, but just because you’re friends and because that’s what friends do. They like to talk to each other and they like to connect. 

The last thing that I love to do is I love to make sure that I remove the blockages and any distractions. So if I’m struggling to hear God, usually it’s because I have my phone in my hand. You know what I’m saying?! Or maybe I’ll have a TV show on in the background or maybe my kid keeps interrupting me every five minutes and that’s okay. We have life. We have things going on, but if you can get a moment alone with God, all you have to do is just sit, ask Him a question and be silent for a minute. I guarantee that the God who loves you, the One who came all the way from Heaven, just to die on the cross for your sins to reconnect you with His presence…I guarantee that Jesus will show up for you in that moment. 

I want to just pray over your connection with God this morning, before you start your day or if you’re ending your day and you want to connect with the Lord in your dreams, you can do that too. So Jesus, we just thank You so much that You love to connect with us, that you are never intimidated by our circumstances. You’re never intimidated by our history and that You love us in every moment of our life in every single second of our day, that You love us deeply and that Your love is nontransferable, it can’t be canceled and it can’t be turned off…that it is so good and it is so overwhelming. So we welcome that love today and we thank You that You are opening our hearts to be able to hear what You want to say to us today, amen.