Give Up Your Life

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

I believe you and I can encounter the Lord wherever we’re at and with whoever we are talking to.
Kyle Martin


Hey, Kyle Lance Martin here with Time To Revive and welcome to God Today.  I love that title, “God Today” because I believe you and I can encounter the Lord wherever we’re at and with whoever we are talking to. Part of my own personal challenge is, “Can I share the gospel wherever I’m at?”  Last night I went to a gas station and I filled up with gas, so very practical. And I went in to buy a Gatorade. As I did I asked the Lord, “Lord, give me the eyes to see. Just as Christ would see.” There was a young man sitting over there, and he was sitting having a cigarette and the next thing I knew, I turned around he was gone. I was really disheartened and I said, “Lord, please allow him to come back.” And one of our guys I was with, Drew, said, “No, no.  He’s just outside.”

I walked outside.  I’m telling you guys – we make sharing the gospel too hard.  It’s not. It’s not just for this super-qualified, doctoral person.  No. You and I can do this because we have the Holy Spirit inside of us.  So I walked up to this young man, his name was Oscar, and I said, “Is there anything we can pray for you?”  And he just broke down and he said, “Yes, my wife has cancer. We can’t afford it. We don’t know about this whole insurance thing.”  Then with a team of us, he allowed us to pray for them. Right then and there he then said, “I don’t know. I don’t have what you guys have.”  He implied he doesn’t have this hope. We got to go through the gospel. We went through five simple verses and we talked about the sin always leads to death.  Because of His love, God demonstrates His love through Christ’s death and guess what? It takes away the sin and the death.

We think it has to be these certain manufactured words, but Jesus says, “Just keep it simple.  When you have faith in me you get life.” And Oscar. At first, he said “I’m not ready to give up my life.  I’m not ready to give up who I am. I want to do certain things.” We just said, “Are you sure you don’t want this hope?”  He literally sat there for a minute and he said, “No, I want this.”

I believe you and I can do this.  Whether we are in India or America, it doesn’t matter where we are at.  If we have the Holy Spirit inside of us there are people out there like Oscars, outside of a gas station while you are pumping gas that are ready to say “yes” to Jesus.  In Mark 16:15 Jesus says, “Go into all the world [go into your gas stations, go into your neighborhoods, go into your schools], preach the gospel to the whole creation.” The Oscars are waiting.

Heavenly Father, we say “thank you”.  For Oscar saying yes. Heavenly Father, we say “thank you” the church is already stepping up to deliver the good news.  But, God we want to see more fruit. We want to see more Oscars say yes to the Lord. We give all these things to you in Jesus’ name.  Amen.