A God Of Love & Power

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

There are supernatural things going on all the time. There are angels. There are demons. There are miracle signs and wonders.
Eddie Tait


Hi, my name is Eddie Tait, the Associate Leader at  Bethel Austin and I’d like to welcome you to God Today. You know, I was talking with some friends about just kind of, my journey and how I’ve come into the supernatural lifestyle or even being okay with the things that are outside of my comfort zone and the things that scare a lot of people. 

See, I was raised as a Catholic and at nine years old, I was kicked out of the Catholic church as an altar boy. Not out of the church itself, but I just was discontent with the rules and the religious structure. And, you know, I learned a lot of amazing things in the Catholic church. I learned the foundation of who Jesus was and the reality of that, but because of the other things that I was experiencing, I left. Even as a young boy, I had this desire to find God. There was something in me that was searching and needing to know what truth was. So I went on an exploration as a young boy.  I would go to my friend’s houses and we’d look up things. We’d go to churches that their families were a part of. I got into some pretty weird stuff over the years. Reality is that I got involved in some witchcraft stuff, some very demonic stuff. I saw power. I saw evil. I saw good. I saw it all. It was years of just exploring. 

One of the things I came to figure out is that God is a combination of love and power because the reality is in most churches, I found, if I found power, I didn’t find love. And a lot of churches I found love, but I didn’t find any power. I would find counterfeits of those, which were performance and acceptance, but that wasn’t true love and power. It wasn’t until I found Jesus, truly found Jesus, not knew about someone that once was, but actually had an intimate relationship with Him. Once I actually understood who the Father was, not just God…see, I’d always looked at God as this holy separated, all powerful being that was judging me all the time. I had to do everything right to get close to Him. But when I got into that relationship, that intimate relationship of love, I actually encountered the Father as well as God! 

See, He’s so perfect. He is holy and separated and fully, intimate with me at every level. But those things I learned in that season of seeking out what was possible, I came across some pretty incredible and scary supernatural things. See if I actually look at my Bible and I read it and I believe it, I can’t bring God to my plane of reality. I can’t put him in a box that says He’s going to fit within what makes me comfortable. I have to realize that He is a supernatural God. 

There are supernatural things going on all the time. There are angels. There are demons. There are miracle signs and wonders. There are principalities that are against me, but I am more than a conquer and I can face all those things with the Holy Spirit that He has given me. You see, supernatural things don’t scare me. They invite me into Truth. The reality is that the world knows the supernatural is out there. Sometimes it’s Christians that get scared because they don’t want to appear out of order. They want to appear that they’ve done something wrong, but I can tell you this…now God the Father, Jesus, doesn’t judge you. Based on that, He’s looking at your heart. Are you going after Him? Are you actually tapping into what’s available – signs, wonders, and miracles – they’re normal. We should be excited to live with them every day of our lives, to demonstrate who God is to everyone around us. 

I just want to encourage you. Get into the Word, read the stories that show you what’s possible with Him. Let the Holy Spirit invade you, consume you, occupy every aspect of your heart and your mind so that you become a walking demonstration of the reality of the power and love of God everywhere you go. So Gather, I just thank You for everyone watching. I thank You that we can seek You out, that we can manifest Your glory through us because You’ve called us as sons and daughters. I bless you right now in Jesus name, amen.