A Healing Testimony

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

I held the boys legs in my hands and as I began to pray, I actually felt his legs moving in my hands...
Grace Clibourn


Hi, my name is Grace Cliburn and I’m part of the team here at GOD TV and I’d love to welcome you to God Today. Today I’m going to be telling you about a healing testimony. About five or six years ago, I was at a mission school in Mozambique with Iris Ministries and one of the days we did this activity called village immersion. This meant that we were split up into small groups and sent into a village to spend time with a family for an entire day. I got paired up with my friend Jeremy, and Jeremy is the kind of person who will pray for everybody all the time. He’ll interrupt people at dinner, pray for them. He’ll see healings on a day to day basis. This was not part of my norm at that point in time so it was really exciting to be able to go do this with him. 

We get to the village and we get to the family that we’re going to be spending time with that day. We noticed that one of the women has two twins. One of the twins that about two years old, he was perfectly healthy, walking, crawling, eating, laughing, all of that. The other twin, he was physically disabled and his legs just didn’t work. So naturally I was drawn to the child who was, you know, he was also being neglected at that time as well. I held him and I just held him for a couple of hours really. At one point I went to go set him down and I realized that he couldn’t even stand. When I put him on the ground, his legs would just buckle underneath. Jeremy looked at me and he said,” Grace, have you ever seen a miracle?”  I said, “No, I haven’t.” and he said, “Well, you’re going to see one today.’ He said, “We’re going to pray for this boy and he’s going to walk.” And I said, “Ok.”  I went to go hand the boy over to him and he said, “No, you’re going to pray for him. I want you to see that you can do this.” I was like, “Ok, let’s try this.” 

So I held the boys legs in my hands and as I began to pray, I actually felt his legs moving in my hands. I felt his knees move and I felt his legs get straight. It was the most amazing sensation. It was insane! We sat him down and he could stand, but he couldn’t walk. Jeremy said, “That’s not enough. We need him to walk.” And I said, “Ok” so I prayed for him again. I prayed for his hips and for his knees. And From the time that we started praying and we went for about 15 minutes until the end, by the end, he was walking and Jeremy was holding him with one hand and the boy was walking next to him! 

We confirmed that the family said he had never walked a day in his life and they were absolutely going insane. All the kids were going, saying everyone was so excited. And I share that story because I feel like these stories are really such a deep well of hope when we know that God will do something so grand, so insane, It reminds us even in our day-to-day life, that He will reach out and He will work miracles in our life. He’ll work miracles in our bodies, He’ll work miracles in our relationships, in our homes and in every area of this life, He is willing. He is speaking. He is able. 

I would love to pray for you to pray that and speak that hope over you, but also just pray faith into you to believe for the same for your life. So, Jesus, I just speak over whoever is listening today and I just ask that You give them the gift of faith. Lord, that You would just build their faith to a point where they just can’t help, but pray for people. God, I pray that hope would just flow out of them so easily and that they would be able to see a return on that hope God, that You would move in such a mighty way and that You would just completely shift their paradigm to be able to believe that this is the God that you are, in Jesus’ name, amen.