Living In Sweet Harmony With Jesus

Friday, October 15th, 2021

The sweetest sense of wellbeing can only be found in Jesus.
Bobbi Kumari


Hi, my name is Bobby Kamari. I’m from Living In Light, and I would love to welcome you to God Today. Thank you so much for tuning in. I pray that whatever is shared today will so bless you and it will speak to your heart and help you to draw closer to the Lord.

What I would love to speak about today is sweet harmony. Now, for me, back in the day before I became a Christian, my idea of sweet harmony was incredibly twisted.  I was someone, that before I got born again, led a super hedonistic lifestyle, taking loads of drugs and alcohol and, you know, sleeping around and just living a really divorced life.  And there would be this one song called “Sweet Harmony”. That would be one of my favorite songs to dance to. And as the track would be playing, I would meditate on the lyrics as I was high. And I would convince myself that the buzz that I’m experiencing and the kind of night that I’m having, and you know, this realm that I’m escaping to, like all of this is sweet harmony. As much as I tried to convince myself in those moments, it was just a pseudo harmony.  Even during that season of my life, that pseudo harmony clearly couldn’t satisfy me. It would never last, you know, the buzz would always wear off and I would always be left more broken, more dysfunctional, more lost.

It was only when I came to know Jesus. It’s only when I came to know the bliss of His salvation and the beauty of His nearness and the wholesomeness of His presence that I actually experienced true bliss. And even as Christians, we can sometimes settle for a pseudo bliss. We can sometimes gravitate towards other things to bring us a temporary or false sense of peace or a false sense of harmony or bliss. But the truth is that true bliss, true harmony, the sweetest ecstasy and the sweetest sense of wellbeing can only be found in Jesus. And not only that, but our dysfunction and our brokenness and our fractured humanity can only be restored and can only be mended inside of Him.

What I actually love is the way Colossians 1:18-20 in the Message Translation puts it. It says this: “He was Supreme in the beginning and leading the resurrection parade. He is Supreme in the act from beginning end. He’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. So spacious is he so roomy that everything of God finds its proper place in Him without crowding, not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe, people and things, animals and atoms get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of His depth, His blood that poured down from the cross.”

I just find that so delightful that no matter how fractured or broken, or dysfunctional any situation, or any person, or any part of creation is, it finds wholeness inside of Jesus, because of what He did on the cross, because He was broken so that we could be made whole. I just love that. I love that you can find the sweetest harmony inside of Him. We don’t have to rely on drugs. We don’t have to rely on temporary escapes. We don’t have to rely on pseudo, bliss bringers. We get to actually experience sweet harmony Jesus style, which goes so deep and makes us so whole that there is nothing lacking that we are so satisfied in Him.

I’m just gonna pray a greater sense of that sweet harmony over each and every one of us. So Lord Jesus, thank You so much that because Your body was broken, we are made whole because You went through an excruciating time on the cross, because you endured the Crucifixion. We get to endure the sweetest harmony. And so I just thank You for that, even in this moment, Jesus, I thank You for the harmony, that sweet, sweet bliss that You gave Your life for. So that could become our reality. I pray that truly would become the reality of every single person watching, and that we would not rely on any other source to give us the holiness that only You can give. And also, Jesus, I thank You that when we’re in You that not only do we have harmony with You, but we have harmony with one another as well, like everyone finds their place inside of You. And so I just speak that sweet harmony over your Church as well, over your precious Bride in Jesus’ name. I pray, Amen.