A Balanced Life Position

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

I pray that you find peace, rest, and balance, even in those hectic seasons of life.
Sofia Ortiz


Hi, this is Sofia with God TV, and today I’m going to be talking about balancing work and kids and family life. This is for all of you guys out there that are juggling both. I work and I’m a mom to two, I homeschool our ten-year-old, and then we have a 16 month old as well. And we work from home where, here it’s craziness. Most of the time, it feels like that, but it’s kind of a hectic, crazy controlled, crazy. So I’m speaking to anyone else out there who feels like that’s their life as well, and I just want to pray for you if you feel like that. I like starting off with prayer, forgive me if I’m not following the usual flow, but Lord, I pray for anyone right now today who is balancing and they just feel like they’re juggling lots of balls in the air, whether it’s, you know, homeschooling, work, they have little ones, you know, they’re helping in ministry, they’re doing all these things and it just feels like so much sometimes. I just pray Lord, that You give them wisdom, that You give them peace, that You would help them to balance it all in a way that’s healthy. It might seem a little hectic or kind of out of control sometimes, but even in those times where it feels like it’s a little bit all over the place that they, there could be, they would find peace and rest and direction, even in those times. 

One thing that’s helped me and my husband so much, is making sure, two things actually. Making sure we take time with the Lord every morning. If we don’t do that, the rest of the day just feels off. It feels like it just, there’s not that anchoring of, taking that time with the Lord. So that would be the first thing, a practical thing, just to take time in his Word like you’re doing now with God today. That’s why I love the God Today platform, is just because it makes it doable to take time with the Lord and just a short, digestible time, no matter how crazy life is. 

The second thing would be to make sure your priorities are in check. So if my priorities aren’t in check where I work too long, or I don’t stop to take a break or, I kind of like, oh, hold on, honey, just wait, just wait, and I don’t stop. Take that time and take care of my daughter or my son or my husband, being there for him. If those priorities get off it just, the day goes weird, and things feel stressful and I feel just worn out and drained. And so, but on the days where I do where I get up and I take time with the Lord, I sit before Him, I get strengthened. And then when I keep those priorities straight to where I’m putting my family before my work, and just making sure that I’ve got those boundaries where I’m taking time to be there for my kids, to be there for my husband, then it’s like, I have a renewed energy. I have more strength, things go smoothly. 

So that is my prayer for you guys that feel like you’re just balancing a lot. Those are two, just super practical, really simple, seemingly simple things that make a world of difference to both myself and my husband. So I pray that encourages you today. And I pray that you find peace and rest and balance, even in those hectic seasons of life. God’s there for you. He’s there to give us peace and to guide us during those busy seasons. So be blessed today, friend,