Hearing God’s Voice Through The Inner Witness

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

It's an inaudible voice originating in your sanctified inner spirit.
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, I’m Carl Wesley Anderson. I’m both an equipping evangelist, and documentary filmmaker of Born to Blaze Ministries, coming to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  A special shout out to you, God Today watchers. This is an exciting day. The day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad today, because God is speaking today. You know, my heart is just to share on every session, a different way that the Lord speaks. And today’s very, very unique because we’re going to discover the Holy Spirit is a witness, a witness within your inner spirit, and He is going to confirm your path today. Isn’t that exciting? 

I get all excited. Let me define that for you because love is speaking. So how I like to define this, is it’s an inaudible voice originating in your sanctified inner spirit, flowing out through your mind simultaneously as a sense of peace and joy, if the answer is a yes, or a sense of redness or tightness if the answer is a no. Isn’t that simple? The Holy Spirit within flows out, and you get a sense through your thoughts or through inside of your heart, that the path I’m going is either green-lighted by God to be the way that I should go today, or it’s going to be more of a red light. 

So I’d like to illustrate this phrase simply with my little light saber. So all of you Star Wars fans, here we go. Now, when I pray, I’m seeking the Lord, I’m asking Him, and I like to say, Lord, “Is it a red light today or a green light?” Now the red light, very simply is a sense of tightness in my spirit or a sense of no caution, don’t go that way. And the green light is a sense of, yes, the Lord is with me. It’s a green, it’s a glow of green inside. It’s a sense of joy or peace. The green light is yes, go for it. 

Now this of course comes from Scripture and I anchor all of these different kinds of ways to hear the voice of God and the Word of God. This one actually comes from the ancient days back in Exodus and Leviticus. And some of these books where the high priest would wear a breastplate and inside of it, he had these two stones. They were called the Urim. And Thummim now say that 10 times fast, Urim and Thummim. Okay, good. You know, these are unknown to us today, but back then, what they would represent was one represented truth and one represented direction. So they were always kind of combined, the truth with the direction. So as the high priest would ask a question, inquire of the Lord. Should the army go forward or not this day? He was waiting on the Lord. He would look into his pouch and inside the plate, he would see either the one stone would glow, which would be a yes, a glowing would be yes. Or if there was no glow, that means the single stone, the truth was coming forth. That was a sense of no, don’t go forward. 

So this becomes now a new way in which in the Holy Spirit’s filling us in the New Testament, we can understand the witness of the Spirit. Either it’s a green light when you’re praying, or a yes, or it’s a red light or a sense of no. You see this throughout the Book of Acts. Sometimes they are praying and there’s a sense of peace and joy. It was the green light of the Spirit, or sometimes a sense of tightness, no, don’t go there. Very, very simple. Isn’t it?

I remember once I was praying for two invitations to evangelize, one was to Pakistan and one was to Kazakhstan. As I prayed for Pakistan all the time throughout weeks, I’d get this red light in me. No, don’t go this time. When I’d pray for Kazakhstan, I’d get the green light. Every time I pray a sense of joy lightness, peace, go that way. I made my decision. I said no to Pakistan. Yes to Kazakhstan and brothers and sisters, the very week that I went, there was an uprising in Pakistan. Many believers were killed for their faith or imprisoned. And there was a move of the Holy Spirit in Kazakhstan, where I saw the Lord opened up the Spirit to hundreds of Bible school students that poured out upon the streets. And there was revival by the Holy Spirit’s power in Kazakhstan. Wow.

Let me pray for you now that you can sense the witness of the Spirit. Are you ready? Here we go. So Father in the name of Jesus this day, I pray that each person watching this would have the courage to ask a yes and no question and wait upon you to sense in their mind or their heart, either a green light for a yes, or a red light for a no. Father, I’m praying right now for an impartation of the fresh witness of the Holy Spirit to be stirred up within them, that they would have an increased and heightened ability to sense the very presence and witness of the power of the Holy Spirit of God as they make their decisions, and as they go forth in Your will. And I bless each one of you now in Jesus’ name, Amen.