Letting Go Of Disappointment

Friday, October 29th, 2021

He invited me to choose hope, and that's the opposite of disappointment.
Kate Muguira


Hi, my name is Kate Muguira. I’m a part of the God TV team. Welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you about letting go of disappointment, but first I want to share my story with how I had to really let go of disappointment in my life. 

I am a worship leader, and I was sitting at the piano one day, and I realized I had been holding onto a lot of pain in my life. A lot of things had happened, I had been really sick at one point. And then there were just other things that I had a lot of pain about that I needed to let go of, and I was holding on to. So I decided what my therapy is  sometimes is sitting at the piano and just singing it out, playing it out. That might look different for you. It might look like praying in your closet or in your car, whatever it is, just hashing it out with the Lord.

Well, I was just like hashing it out with the Lord. I was singing out all my pain, all the bruises, all the scars. I was singing about all of it, and just getting it out, and giving it to the Lord. And I remember I finally got to a place where I would like, after like tears and like screaming, like yelling, singing out what was, what I was holding onto. And I was just sitting there and feeling like, oh, I got it out. And the Lord asked me, I heard the Lord say, “Now, will you give me your disappointment?”  You know, I was like, okay. So I like put my hands out in surrender to give Him my disappointment. And I said, “Lord, I give you my,” and I stopped talking, and I’ve never experienced this before, but I physically could not say that I give Him my disappointment. And so I tried again, and I was like, “Okay, Lord, I give you my,”  I physically could not say disappointment. And so I realized I was like, I am holding onto this very tightly. So I, I had to take a second and in my heart, let go of the disappointment that I had experienced in life, the disappointment of things not happening the way I thought they would, of having hope for something, and then it didn’t happen. And I felt deflated and I felt disappointed. And the time that people had let me down and I just, I had, I had that disappointment built up and I didn’t realize how strongly I had held onto it and made it my story. 

So I, like in my heart, took a second and in my heart, I like let it go. And I, instead of holding onto disappointment, I realized I needed to trust the Lord. And so I chose trust and hope instead. And so at that point, I was like, “Okay, Lord, I give you my disappointment.” And I could finally say it once I had released it in my heart. And what He did was in place of that is He allowed me, He invited me to choose hope, and that’s the opposite of disappointment. And if there is disappointment in your life, I want to encourage you. There is hope instead, there is hope that we have in Jesus. If you don’t see promises fulfilled, keep hoping. If you’ve seen disappointment in your life, that just means God has something better for you. Hold on to that, believe in that, because when we choose to hold on to disappointment, we choose to hold on and to look to the past, instead of looking forward to our hope and our future in Jeremiah 29:11. Right? 

So I’m going to encourage you to choose hope. Hebrews 6:18-20 is one of my favorite Scriptures about hope. And it talks about hope, telling us to be greatly encouraged by hope, because I actually equate disappointment and discouragement, like they’re pretty similar, but when we hold on to hope, the Bible tells us, it is in the Word of God, that we are greatly encouraged by hope. And then it also says in verse 19, that the hope is the anchor for our soul. Disappointment is the waves and the crashing and the, and the crazy around us. But our hope is in the anchor, it’s in the of our soul. And it says that it is firm and secure.

So I’m going to pray for you today. I just pray for anybody who is holding onto disappointment, who is holding onto pains in the past.  Father, I just pray right now that they firmly can believe in Jeremiah 29:11, that You know the plans for us, that they are hope for our future and so Father, I just pray right now that You are just speaking to that and that they can release that disappointment in the name of Jesus, Amen.