Adventures With God

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

We need the power of the Holy Spirit more than ever in our life, and I want to encourage you today to ask for more, to ask for the Holy Spirit.
Weyman Dodson



This is God Today with Weyman Dodson. I hope you’re having an amazing day! No matter where you are in the earth today, I just want you to know that you are truly amazing. I want to tell you a little story. God sent me as I, as I first got saved and began to grow in Christ, God sent me to Trinidad, and I became a missionary. Trinidad is a little Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. You can actually see the coast of Venezuela from the shore of Trinidad. And many days I would, I would look across that ocean and I would see Venezuela and begin to pray. But I want to say today to you that as I was growing in Christ, living in Trinidad, I began to notice these men and women that I was around and some of them couldn’t even read, or they couldn’t even write, but yet they moved in such power. They moved in such anointing. I remember some of them couldn’t even talk right. But yet when they, they would pray for people, miracles would happen, and I would be just so I would be so like in awe. I’d be in so wonder because I was like, wow, like I’m really, I was actually watching miracles take place right before my eyes. 

And as a young man,  I was in the Baptist church at the time, and I love Baptists.  I was a missionary for a Baptist church, and I began to see these people. They were speaking in tongues and laying hands on the sick. And the people were just getting healed, people getting delivered and set free. And even at times I even witnessed one night, I witnessed a woman come forth in church who was clearly having mental illness issues and clearly having demonic issues. And she came forward and they began to pray for her, and I witnessed a demon come out of her and it forever changed my life. And I remember that Jesus had set my own life free from drugs and alcohol, so I knew that there was power in Jesus. But as I began to see these men and women speak in tongues, something that I was not used to around my own church at home, I began to ask God and seek what the word said. And it was all over the word about being baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. And I just want to let you know today, you may question it. You may, you may wonder about it, but what my point of sharing the story was, is that I witnessed people who could not even hardly read or write, cast demons out of people, because they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. And you know, it says in Acts 1:8, that power shall come upon you and I, that power shall come upon the church and the Spirit shall come upon us in power. And that we shall heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, it even says that in Mark 16. 

I want to encourage you. We need the power of the Holy Spirit more than ever in our life. And I want to encourage you today to ask for more, to ask for the Holy Spirit. I want to, I pray that God stir your spirit right now, in the Name of Jesus, that you right now, you would pray with me. And I just want to pray that you would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because as I witnessed these people who couldn’t read or write, cast out demons and heal the sick, I began to pray secretly in my own life. And I said, “God, if this Holy Spirit thing be of you, I want it.”  And as I began to secretly pray that in my own prayer closet, one day, as we were in worship, I was worshiping, and all of a sudden I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon my life, and I began to speak in tongues. And ever since that day, my whole life has truly been changed. 

So I want to pray with you today. Just hold your hands out. I’m going to ask God to fill you and maybe you’re already filled, but I want to, I want to ask God to just to refresh you, even with the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Father, I just pray right now in the Name of Jesus. I pray for those who are watching all over the world. God, I pray that right now, Lord, that you would give them an Acts 1:8, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to go to the nations, to be filled with power, and to go to the nations with the powerful message of the Gospel. Lord, I pray great witness of God that you would,  that you would engulf each and every person that watches this, even right now, today with your power and anointing right now in Jesus’ Name, Amen. Bless you today in Jesus’ Name.  I just want to encourage you guys. I still ask for more all the time. I’m asking for God to fill me more and more, no matter where you’re at. Gosh, we need the power, like never before! Bless you today in Jesus’ Name, Amen.