Jesus Is Practical

Monday, January 31st, 2022

In what way do you need Jesus to show up for you today? Go to the table, sit with Him and share your heart with Him.
Lindsi Gross


Hello, my name is Lindsi Gross with Imagine Doula Services, and I want to welcome you to God Today. So get out your Bible and turn to John chapter 21. Now, this is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, because it really shows the humanity of the disciples and just the loving heart of Jesus, and also the surprise of Jesus and His presence.

So the disciples had been out all night fishing and they caught nothing. Again. We heard this story earlier, but now it’s happening again. And so they’re feeling obviously discouraged and they’re probably hungry. And Jesus, all of a sudden just shows up on the shore, and the disciple whom Jesus loved, you know, that’s John, John says, “It’s Him! It’s Jesus.” So Peter puts on his clothes and he jumps into the water and he heads to the shore. And Jesus was there already with the charcoal fire set in place with bread and with fish; He had made breakfast for them. Now, I don’t know how that breakfast got there, if it was supernatural or if Jesus actually prepared it, but it just shows like the practical side of Jesus and His loving heart towards us when we need something, and His presence, it’s like a good, good Father coming and saying, “Hey, you just need a hug right now,” or “Hey, what can I do for you right now to just encourage you?”

So I would like to just encourage you today to go to the Father and say, “Father, I just really I’m feeling this, or I need this,” or even something that you want. He’s a good, good Father. It says in John 21:4, ”Just as day was breaking, Jesus stood on the shore.” I love that, because it gives a picture of, you know, when joy comes in the morning, you know, we might mourn for the night, but joy comes with the morning, and I love that Jesus was standing there. He was waiting for his disciples. I love that He just shows up when they need Him most. 

So in what way do you need Jesus to show up for you today? Go to the table, sit with Him and share your heart with Him today, and I believe that Jesus has nourishment for you today, for your soul, that He also has practical things for you today. So I’m going to pray for you. Jesus, I thank you so much for showing up in our lives. I thank you so much that you come and you do things like provide food for your disciples. God, and I just pray for everyone who is watching today, that they would know that Jesus who came as a man who is fully God and fully man who came, that He cares about our hearts and He loves to spend time with us. So God, just thank you for being with us today. I pray that everyone who’s watching today would know your presence and your goodness, Amen.