Spending Time With God

Monday, February 14th, 2022

Nobody ever told me that God was hungering after me. God wanted to spend time with me.   
Ron Cantor


Hey everybody, I’m Ron Cantor and I’m the regional director for God TV and I want to welcome you to God Today.  I want to share something really intimate with you that happened to me recently. It’s really special and I’m sharing it with you because I think it will change your life – it changed my life and my perspective of God and His desire for you and His desire for me. 

I was in Colorado, we were blessed in-between ministry to just take a couple of days of vacation.  We found a hotel in this really beautiful area of Colorado – me and my wife – just two days alone. When we got there I looked in the car and I noticed there was an extra set of keys in the car. And I quickly realized that it belonged to the people we stayed with the day before – two hours away.  So, now I was going to take 4 hours out of my special vacation time with my wife to go bring the keys back and drive back again. Friends, I was not happy, I was angry. I was a little bit mad at God because I couldn’t figure out why He would let this happen. This was a special time for me and my wife and if He likes me – if He loves me – why would He do this?  

I woke up the next morning angry.  My wife said, “Do you want me to go?” And I said, “No.  You stay, you have fun. I’ll take it back.” I got in the car, and I began to drive back and I just said, “Lord, why would you let this happen?”  Now, out of my whole life, it’s not that big of a deal. But, it just felt like a little slap in the face from God. Often we feel that when things happen to us God is against us.  So, I said, “Lord, why would you let this happen to me?” Do you know what He said to me? He said, “Ron, I wanted to spend time with you.” See, I was on vacation, I was doing this. I had a lot of time alone with God and He was seeking me.  Friends, it was a little uncomfortable. Because I’m used to being told, “Ron, you need to seek God, you need to go after God, you need to hunger after God.” Nobody ever told me that God was hungering after me. God wanted to spend time with me.   

Friends, I want to tell you, the next 4 hours – 2 hours there and 2 hours back – were some of the best 4 hours of my entire life.  Intimacy with God, with Jesus. He was so close. I began to pray, I began to worship, I began to prophesy. The Lord began to give me words for different people, I recorded them.  It was just such a rich and wonderful time. I’m telling you this because God wants to spend time with you. God longs to be with you even more than you long to be with Him. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy that God is against you.  He is not against you. He loves you and He is pursuing you.  

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