Seeing the Unseen

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Know that behind every battle, the enemy is not the other person...It is the “enemy” working through these things.
Jeanne Nigro


Hi, I’m Jeannie Nigro, author and speaker and founder of Jeanne Nigro Ministries.  Welcome to God Today. I’m here today to share with you about something the Lord has put on my heart that we need to really grasp in these changing, crazy times that we live in.  That is the importance of seeing the unseen. What does that mean? It means recognizing that no matter what we are struggling with or what life’s difficulties or battles – whether they be in relationships, or jobs, or global wars – we need to recognize that behind every struggle and every conflict and every difficulty that we face, there is a spiritual battle behind the scenes.  We need to wake up to see the unseen in order to be able to stand strong. Otherwise, we are going to be leveled by these battles. That is exactly what the enemy wants.

Know that behind every battle, the enemy is not the other person.  It’s not the other country or political position. It is the enemy working through these things, these situations, and these other people.  So, we have got to recognize who our real enemy is. To know that whether you want to know it, or whether you want to be aware of it or not, you are in a spiritual battle 24/7.  There’s never a time that the enemy takes a break or that the spiritual battle is on hold. Every minute of every day – with your thoughts, with your emotions, with your words and actions – you are either giving the enemy ground, or you’re increasing God’s reign.  You can impact your spiritual atmosphere, you can impact the spiritual battle that’s going on around you, with your thoughts, your words, and your emotions. So, when you react out of fear and stress, or anger and bitterness you are giving the enemy ground. Or when you’re down on yourself.  But, when you see yourself as God sees you and you react to things by prayer and fasting, and declaring scriptures and praise, you’re increasing God’s reign.

Let’s pray now what we have eyes to see the unseen.  Lord, please give me eyes to see the unseen. Open my eyes to see who the real enemy is.  Don’t let me get wrapped up in fear, and stress, and unforgiveness. But, open my eyes to see the unseen.  Lord, help me remember to use these weapons that will help me to be victorious to give you ground instead of the enemy in this battle.  Thank you that I have a place, that I have power, that you’ve given me power to make a difference. So, I thank you and praise you in advance.  In Yeshua’s name. Amen.