My Testimony

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

Yield to Him.  Listen to His lead. This world doesn’t have anything to offer you in comparison to what God has in store for you.
Cara Nordeen


Hello, my name is Cara Nordeen and I am with Hightower Ministries.  I am here with you on God Today. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about your salvation experience and your walk with the Lord. We all have different experiences and how we come into the Kingdom of God.  You know, sanctification is a process. On this journey, there are different things we encounter.  Sometimes we may not be walking with the Lord as closely as we want to be. The Holy Spirit inside of you will only let you go but so far.  If you yield to His spirit and listen to His voice and how He is leading you, He won’t let you go so far away from Him.

We all have those different experiences.  When I was younger, I was saved when I was a very little girl.  I had a wonderful experience with the Lord. I looked over my shoulder and saw the presence of the Lord in a cloud over my shoulder, as the last worship song was happening as a young girl.  When I looked back over my shoulder when it was over, after the song was over, it was gone. But, I knew I had experienced something supernatural. I knew God was showing me His presence and His glory was there.

That night, as a 6-year-old girl, I ran to the altar and gave my heart to Jesus.  When I was in my 20s, I found I had the pressures of life. I didn’t walk in my early 20s or my late teens, there were times I had a hard time submitting to the Lord in everything I was doing.  If you listen to God’s leading, He will always lead you back home. You are still saved. Sanctification is a process. He deals with us from the inside out. It does take time. There is somebody that I am feeling has been beating yourself up about something happening in your life.  God has been dealing with you about ending some relationships, and changing some of the social circles you are in. I just want to encourage you today to yield to Him. Listen to His lead. This world doesn’t have anything to offer you in comparison to what God has in store for you.

I would like to pray with you today.  If you are struggling in your walk with the Lord and you are having a difficult time, I want to pray with you today that God will give you the strength that you need and He would open your ears.  Right now, Lord Father, I ask you to speak and you would guide this listener to your word and give them guidance and direction. Open up their ears so they can hear your voice even louder. Open up their spiritual eyes so that you can see what you are saying, so they can follow your lead and walk closely with you.  I pray that right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you for joining us today. Again, this is Cara Nordeen with God Today.