Overcoming Disappointments

Monday, April 4th, 2022

Release the power of 'dunamis' into that despair that is trying to overtake you.
Katie Souza


Hi, I’m Katie Souza and this is God Today. You know, it’s so hard when we’re contending for a promise of God to come to pass in our lives.  The Bible says that every promise of God is “Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus,” but many times there is a waiting period that happens between the time God speaks, and the manifestation of the promise He is giving us.  During that time there will be a big temptation for us to get what the Bible calls “hope deferred.” See, “hope deferred makes the heart sick,” the Bible says. When we have to wait and wait, and contend and contend, many times we slip up by allowing our heart, which is our soul, to become sick, to become anxious or depressed, to become lacking in faith because we’re not believing that the promise is actually going to come to pass.

When those times happen – watch out.  Don’t let your soul or your heart get sick because your hope has been deferred.  How do you make that happen? How do you overcome those moments of doubt, or anxiety, or depression as you wait for the promise to manifest?  Well, inside every believer there is a power called “dunamis”. The word ‘dunamis’ means “excellence of soul”. If you feel your heart or your soul is becoming sick as you wait and wait for God to fulfill His word to you, don’t worry.  Just release the power of dunamis into that despair that is trying to overtake you. Just make your decrees. “I’m excellent of soul. My heart is not sick, my hope is not deferred. I am excellent of soul so I am going to prosper and be in health even as my soul prospers.”  As you begin to do that you will see renewed faith build for you to receive the promises and then they will manifest. Your hope will not be deferred any more. 

Let’s pray together right now.  Lord Jesus, I know you are not a man that you would lie.  When you say a promise, it is “yes and amen in Christ”. Now it is up to me to wait with patience and faith and hope as the promise manifests.  Now I release the dunamis power that is in me to remove every sickness in my heart that has come from hope deferred. I decree that I am what dunamis means.  I am excellent of soul. I am excellent in my mind, I am excellent in my will, I am excellent in my emotions, I have great faith, great faith as I wait for your promise to manifest because it will.  Because all the promises are yes and amen in Christ. I’m Katie Souza and this is God Today.