Visions In Prayer

Friday, April 8th, 2022

God is speaking to you and I today. He's speaking to us in prayer.
Carl Wesley Anderson


Hello, I’m Carl Wesley Anderson. I’m both at equipping evangelist and a documentary filmmaker of Born To Blaze Ministries, coming to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. A special shout out to our God Today audience. Hey guys, you know, you’re going to realize today how simple it is to hear the voice of God visually, because I’m a visual person, many of you are visual, but all of us are visual, we have eyes to see. But Paul prays in Romans that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened. It’s a word there he uses to open up our heart, like you’d open up the lens of a camera, and see a picture from the Holy Spirit. I want to teach you today and share some encouragement about having visions in prayer.

Let me define this for you. Visions are basically conscious pictures from the Holy Spirit, a picture that flows from your inner spirit and flows out your mind. They can be either literal or symbolic. They can be for yourself or for others, and they can be either objective or subjective. Exciting, isn’t it? You can have a vision today in prayer. You know, the Word of God promises this. It says here in book of Acts, I’m right there, open to it. The day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit’s poured out; it’s awesome. Joel’s prophecy that Peter proclaims as coming to pass beginning on that day and going all the way through the entire Church age, which means today, because we’re still in the Church age, right? Jesus hasn’t returned. So we’re still here, which means the Holy Spirit is still active. He says, “Your young men shall see visions.” Now this isn’t just saying young men or young women are going to see visions, but the prophetic tool the prophet uses there that Peter brings us, was an old tool of language where the prophet would paint a picture of broad brush strokes to illustrate it means all people. So it doesn’t just mean young men. If you’re watching this and you’re an older female, you will see visions. We will all see visions, right? Visions are for today.

Now let me share a really exciting story with you to kind of illustrate this from salvation history. It’s fairly modern. It happened about 60 years ago. A young man was in The Bahamas. He was kneeling upon his bed in prayer. He had the Bible open. Suddenly he sees a vision of these waves of the ocean coming in and going out. And as the Lord took him in this vision, an open vision, took him, swept him back. He began to see there were young people going forth and coming back in the nations, sharing the Good News and sharing the practical love of Jesus Christ with others. I speak of course of Loren Cunningham, a friend of mine whom I befriended because I have a whole series of documentary films teaching these themes. And I recently had the honor by his invitation of visiting Kona, Hawaii, the University Of The Nations, where thousands and thousands of young people are gathered even as we speak today, to learn the Word of God, be trained in missions, and then be sent forth like waves. This vision captivated Loren Cunningham, 60 plus years ago, and they have taken that vision, and literally over 5 million young people have gone forth on short-term missions. Tens of thousands of staff are on YWAM or Youth With A Mission today. And believe it or not, they are out sharing the Good News and the practical love of God with people bringing forth the truth. And it was all began because the Lord stepped into time to show Loren what he was about to do, and then called Loren and this whole team of leaders to bring forth a vision that was in God’s heart for the nations.

You know what? God is speaking to you and I today, He’s speaking to us in prayer. When you go to prayer today, activate your faith. You’re going to see a picture. Now you may not have the interpretation today. That’s okay. Write down what you see, pray over it. I guarantee you within a day or two, the Holy Spirit is going to speak to you through scripture or an understanding and give you the understanding of what that means, so you can pray it into existence. You can believe for that vision for you, or it can be a vision to send you out to the nations of the world like it was for Loren Cunningham. Your young men will see visions. What does this mean? All people have access to the Holy Spirit from Pentecost to the last day of this Church age to receive visions in prayer.

Let me pray for you. Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray today that each person watching this clip will begin today to activate their faith, to see in the Spirit, not with their natural eyes, but to begin to be seeing spiritually what you are showing them. Lord, give them objects, give them picture lessons, give them understandings of things in their normal life that they normally would look at, but show it to them in the Spirit and give them the interpretations. I pray Holy Spirit, activate yourself within each person for the discernment of the Holy Spirit, to know what that vision or picture means for themselves or for other people. And I bless each one now. See a vision today, and I bless you in Jesus’ Name. Amen.