No Weapon

Thursday, April 14th, 2022

If you are proclaiming this scripture, 'no weapon,' you have to be sure you are not living in sin or that you do not have an open door...
Jack van der Tang


Welcome, my name is Jack van der Tang from The Hague in the Netherlands.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to read to you from the word that came very important in my life because of what happened.  “‘There is no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. Every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication is from me,’ says the Lord.”

This is a little bit of a sensitive subject.  What I noticed is that some believers believe that if you proclaim this every day, nothing will hurt you.  I can tell you something happened to me. It seems very strange, but 21 December 2018, I became unwell in my office when I was preparing for my preaching.  And then I went to the hospital. I had a brain stroke. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t see, and everybody was in a panic. And I felt such peace in the hospital.  My wife, my family were in a panic, my church was in a panic, my team was in a panic. Because what was the future of Jack van der Tang?

When I was in the hospital, and I had peace, after two days I got a message from a ministry that I am working with.  It is a counseling ministry in South Africa, they said, “Jack, we want to share something with you and you will be surprised by what is going on.”  I said, “What?” 

“Jack, top Satanists, in Europe, came together especially for you, in The Hague, on the 21 of December, to curse you.  Because the work you are doing is so important, they want to kill you. They didn’t succeed.”

I said, “How is it possible that I am praying with my wife, I am doing this, that even this is going to succeed?” Then they start to pray for me and this ministry knows this because they are dealing with Satanists who are coming to believe in Jesus Christ.  One of them repented and said, “What has happened to me?” When she repented and they prayed, in one or two hours, I could walk. But I still needed two months to restore. But, what I noticed is that when I tried to do some research and praying about me, I found out there was an open door in my life.  An open door of the FreeMasons. I had no idea that this was part of an open door in my life. I have noticed that if your life is not clear and you are still living in sin, the devil can touch you because you are giving him the opportunity.

If you are proclaiming this scripture, “no weapon”, you have to be sure you are not living in sin or that you do not have an open door, but that you really are praying and talking about it.  God showed me what I am going to do. In my case, because I was working on such a level, I was a target, later this lady came to me and repented. I said, “I have forgiven you already, but I want to thank you because you have shown me how important my work is for the Kingdom of God that you don’t like it.

People, this is very important, first.  Every morning, my wife and I are proclaiming this together.  And telling this. But also, praying, “Lord, if there is an open door in my life, show it so we can close it so the enemy is not able to touch us.  This was my story for today. My name is Jack van der Tang for God Today.