God’s Voice Through Your Life

Sunday, April 17th, 2022

A hard and good lesson that I've had to learn in my life, is that, my life is going to look different than the next person's life, and that's good, and that's okay.
Grace Clibourn


Hi, my name’s Grace Clibourn. I’m part of the team here at GOD TV, and welcome to God Today. Today,  want to speak to you about God’s voice moving through your life, and what it looks like for God to move through your individual life, the way that He created you to live and to move in the world. I work with a lot of younger people and something that I notice a lot, especially when people are starting to get to know about the spiritual gifts and the things that God has put in them. We have these incredible examples out there of what God’s voice looks like moving through certain people, but I think sometimes we can get a little bit tripped up and compare ourselves to how God’s moving through this person or this person. A hard and good lesson that I’ve had to learn in my life, is that my life is going to look different than the next person’s life, and that’s good, and that’s okay. It’s actually more than okay, because it’s good, and because God created us to be different.

Something that I have learned again is that, for me, I feel like the Lord, when the Lord comes over me, it looks different than it might look for someone else. So someone else might be, you know, shaking under the presence, you know, shake and bake, you know, like having a good time with the Holy Spirit. You know what I mean? For me, when the Lord lands on me, I need to write, I need a pen and a paper. For another person, when the Lord lands on them, they might go prophesy. And not to say that those things are exclusively for one person or another. That’s not something that I believe, but it does look different for different people. Actually, Kris Vallotton was here speaking, here in Austin, just a couple of weeks ago. And he was even talking about this, that when the Spirit of the Lord comes over someone, even biblically, in different ways, in different people, it expresses differently.

So I just want to encourage you today that however you feel God actually speaks to you in your individual life, it’s good. Embrace it. I want you to sit and take time with the Lord and be like, “How do you move through my life? What does your voice look like moving through my life, and how can I become more confident in it?” Havilah Cunnington also has a really great teaching on this. You can look that up as well, super helpful, and just kind of like tangible tools that you can use for that. But I just want to encourage you again today to let the Lord moves through your life the way that He wants to move through you, the way that He created you; your mind, your body, your soul, your spirit. He created you so uniquely, and that’s really good. So, just be encouraged today. Spend some time with the Lord, have a conversation about that, and see how you might be able to move even more confidently in the way that He’s created you to be.