No Pain, That’s Insane

Monday, April 25th, 2022

I want to pray with you that God would visit you, that God would visit your family, and God would show Himself mighty and strong in your life...
David McClure


Hi, I’m David McClure. Welcome to God Today. The title of what I want to talk to you today about is a personal testimony, it’s called No pain,That’s insane. And for me, in 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had cancer in my neck, and obviously anytime you get a diagnosis like that, it is a scary thing. It is an intense thing. And for me, I worked through those issues up until the time that I was going to start my treatment, which was two months of radiation and chemotherapy. And I was to do my treatment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. And so, at the time, there was a lot of anxiety starting into my treatment, but the night before I began my treatment, I had a dream. And in this dream I saw myself testifying before people, after my treatment was over, that I went through the treatment with absolutely no pain.

Before the treatment started, they had given me three, 500 milliliter bottles of oxycodone, because the pain in this type of treatment can be horrendous. And so throughout the entire two month process, as I went through these treatments each day, I would go to my oncologist once a week for checkups and he would ask me, “What’s your pain level?” And every week I was like, “I have no pain. I have no pain.” And I wound up going through the entire two month treatment process with absolutely no pain. I never took the painkiller. I never had to use any of the drugs and it’s a testimony to God and His faithfulness in my life. I know for some of you out there, you may have a sick loved one. You may be sick yourself. You may have someone in your family that is going through an excruciating situation that is painful physically, mentally, and emotionally, and spiritually.

I want to encourage you today. I want to pray with you that God would visit you, that God would visit your family, and God would show Himself mighty and strong in your life to not only get you through, but to get you through with a powerful testimony of His faithfulness, because He is faithful and the one who can do it will do it. So I want to pray with you right now. Father, I thank you today for your amazing faithfulness, and that Lord, it says in the scriptures that you bore our pain, you bore our sickness in our sorrows on the tree of Calvary. And that is true then, and it is true now. And I just want to pray today, Father, that you would show up in people’s lives, in the lives of those who you’ve purchased for yourself. That you would show yourself strong, alleviate pain, do miracles, heal, strengthen, and deliver your people from situations and circumstances that they find themselves in these days. Lord, I bless your people today to believe you and to trust you through hard things in Jesus name. Amen.