The Courts Of Heaven

Friday, May 13th, 2022

You are fashioned for a certain thing in the earth, and God wants to reveal that to you.
Robert Henderson


Hello, I’m Robert Henderson, and this is God Today. I want to just bless you today, and I want to encourage you in the Lord. You know, I have a program on GOD TV called The Court Of Heaven With Robert Henderson. That’s a very original title. But what I’m known for, is the court of heaven teaching. And you know, there’s a very real court in heaven. In Daniel 7:9-10, the Bible says that Daniel said, “I watched,” and he said, “I saw thrones being set into place,” but then he saw the Ancient of Days himself sitting down. And then it says, as it progresses, he said, “I saw the court seated.” That’s what it literally says in verse 10, “I saw the court seated and the books open.”

Now, what you have to understand is that there are actually books in heaven. What does that mean? That means there are scrolls, that means that there are things in heaven, watch this, that have your destiny and your purpose in life written in them. In Psalms 139:16, the scripture says, “All my days yet unfashioned, all my substance yet unknown.” This is what David said. “They were written in your books.” What does that mean? That means before you existed in the earth, there was actually a book in heaven that chronicled and detailed what your Kingdom purpose is for living in the earth. Now that doesn’t mean we have to do it, but I will promise you, when we submit and surrender ourselves to the will of God, we are the most happy.

So when the Bible says the court was seated and the books were opened, you know what that means? That means there’s courtroom activity, so that you can have the destiny that God actually built you for. That you are fashioned for a certain thing in the earth. And God wants to reveal that to you. He wants to unveil that to you, so that, then you take that and you bring it into the courts and you say, “Lord, let me have what you have promised me.” You know, years ago, the Lord spoke to me. I mean, He’s spoken to me many times, but years ago He spoke to me and He said, “You will disciple nations.” And when I heard it, I was like, yes, Lord. But then I thought, but what does that mean? Well see, God wants to help you fulfill your destiny. So here’s what I did. I said, “Lord, I come into your courts and I bring you the word that you said to me. You said I would disciple nations. I’m asking for that to become a reality.” And guess what? That’s exactly happened.

So let me pray for you, for your destiny. Father, I pray for all those that are watching right now. Lord, they have a destiny. They have a book that’s been written in heaven, that’s about them, that literally is detailing what they’re in the earth for. Father, unveil that to them, I pray. And then, Lord, let them bring that before your courts and let there be decisions rendered that lets everything you have said about them become reality in their life. Lord, we thank you for that. And I bless them in Jesus’ Name. Amen.