Rebuilding Broken Walls

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

I just want to encourage you that your vision is not too big and it's not too small.
Benjamin Kamp


Hi, I’m Benjamin Kamp with the GOD TV team. Welcome to God Today. One of those scriptures that I keep coming back to at this time is just the whole story of Nehemiah, about rebuilding broken walls. And you might look around you and you know, you might, your broken walls might be a family level, might be city level. It might be a nation, a country. You know, it’s like, it doesn’t matter. That’s not the important part. The thing is, is that God is calling you, giving you the opportunity to partner with Him in rebuilding broken walls.

I just want to encourage you that your vision is not too big and it’s not too small. You know, if I think back to Jesus and it was so cool to see how Jesus interacted with God in His last days. And He’s talking with God and it’s almost like He’s like trying to remind God of something that was so important to Him. You know? Cause He’s like, God, you gave me, you gave me these 12, these 12, they were my walls to rebuild, and I shepherded them. I stewarded them well, except for that one, except for that one. But that was because the scripture said so, and he needed to do that. Just that one. It was okay. You know? But for us, what is it? Who is it that God is calling you to rebuild? Is it a person? Is it a family? Is it a city? And I want to encourage you this morning to take a little dive into Nehemiah and look at how he strategically came together, in unity, with God’s people, and rebuilds something. In 52 days, he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. What can you rebuild in 52 days? How you can you let God use you and transform you in the next 52 days to rebuild broken walls? I bless you in Jesus’ Name. Let broken walls be rebuilt. Amen.