Finish What You Start

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Make sure you finish Plan A before you go to Plan B, because that's the character that you're going to need to fulfill the next plan.
Ron Cantor


Hi everybody. I am Ron Cantor, the President of Shelanu TV in Israel. And this is God Today. I spoke to you recently about David and Goliath, how David overcame the negative words of his brother in order to slay the giant. You know, before that, he was given the task to take food to his brothers by his dad. And it says in verse 20 of 1 Samuel 17, it says, “Early in the morning, David left the flock in the care of a shepherd, loaded up and set out as Jesse had directed.” Now that verse, too, doesn’t really get a lot of fanfare, but there’s a lot of power in that verse. It says that before he went to take food to his brothers to go to the battle, he left the sheep with another shepherd.

Now I’m a visionary. I get new ideas every day. I am just bursting with vision for the Kingdom. I want to do all I can do for God. And when I was younger, I wouldn’t finish the first task before I would start the second task. And you know what? God can’t use a visionary who doesn’t finish his task. And what I love about this passage is that David is getting ready to step into his destiny. And yet he’s still a shepherd. His primary job as a young teenager is taking care of sheep. He didn’t just say, “Hey, I know God’s hand is on me. Samuel poured the oil on me, prophesied over me. I’m going to be king soon. I don’t need to be shepherding.” What? No, he continued to be a shepherd. And before he went to step into his destiny to defeat Goliath, to take food to his brothers, that’s what he thought he was doing, he made sure that his sheep were taken care of.

I want to encourage you, especially if you’re like me, you’re a little bit impulsive. You’re excited, you’re zealous. You want to move on to the next thing. Make sure, first of all, you finish Plan A, before you go to Plan B, or Mission A before you go to Mission B, because that’s the character that you’re going to need to fulfill the next plan. Because normally the next season, the next plan that God has for you, it’s a little bit harder than the first one. And the first one is not only meant to fulfill the mission, but it’s also building character in you for the next level where God’s taking you. Right?

So let me pray for you right now. Father, I just pray for my friends right now, in the Name of Jesus. And I pray God, that we, me, them, all of us together, that we would make sure that we finish properly what you’ve called us to do at one level before we try and step into the next level. Father, form Yeshua, form Jesus inside of us, so that we will be ready as you promote us in the Kingdom of God. Amen.