Marriage Testimony

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Marriage is from God and if God has called you to that, please don't give up.
Kathy Zadai


Hi, this is Kathy Zadai with Warrior Notes and welcome to God Today.  I wanted to encourage you all. If God is giving you a promise – not to let go of it.  He had promised me years ago, before I met Kevin, that He was going to restore me in the area of marriage.  I was so excited about that promise because I had been through some unpleasant situations like most of us have.  When I met Kevin, it was a miracle because I didn’t know who he was. The Lord actually told him where I was – he was in another state – and we met.  We knew the Lord was putting us together. Kevin is my husband – Kevin Zadai.

We were dating and it was time for Valentine’s Day.  The Valentine’s banquet was coming up. I had served at it before.  Secretly, of course, I hoped I could go to the Valentine’s banquet with Kevin, but I didn’t know if that could happen, because he was in another state. I told the Lord, “Lord, I will go ahead and work this Valentine’s banquet.  I will serve at it again.” I kind of went the second mile, like they say. There is not too many people on the second mile, but it is worth it to go the second mile, so I said, “I will do that.”

Shortly after that, Kevin called and said he was planning on coming up to my state of Washington and he was going to take me to the Valentine’s banquet.  I was thankful and it was a miracle in my own heart, because I had told the Lord I would serve. We went to the Valentine’s banquet and at the banquet they had a dance floor.  Some of the people were dancing – it was a sweetheart banquet. There were all married. He asked me to come up on to the dance floor with him, Kevin did. Then he asked my pastor to come over, and my pastor’s son and daughter-in-law to be witnesses, and my husband proposed to me on the dance floor. It was a sign and a wonder of restoration. That is just the nut-shell version. It is a miracle, and I really hope the anointing that God placed on our lives in this area, what God did for us in the area of marriage – my heart is for people to either heal, or be restored in the area of marriage.  That marriage is from God and if God has called you to that, please don’t give up. Believe Him that it is His idea and He can work out any situation. God bless you. Thanks for listening.