Walking By The Spirit

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

Once you've broken off the fear and you're moving away from it, receive - what's the opposite of fear in the Bible? - perfect love casts out fear.
Grant Berry


Hi, I am Grant Berry, author and founder of Reconnecting Ministries. Welcome to God Today. I want to share a Scripture with you this morning. It’s out of Galatians 5:16 and it says, “So I say, (and this is the apostle Paul talking) walk by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of your flesh.” I want to share how I received revelation to this Scripture and how it has really helped to empower my walk with Yeshua. It says that if we walk by the Spirit, we will not fulfill the desires to the flesh. Well, what does it go on to say? It goes on to say that the flesh and the spirit are in opposition and actually they fight each other.

As I’m reading this Scripture one morning on a prayer walk with a brother, the Holy Spirit started to download to us a deeper understanding of what we now actually call the Galatians process, where we will break off the flesh by using the tools of confession and repentance. Remember the confession of sin – you know, when we’re doing outward sins, confession can be this negative thing, but confession is a tool to break free of so many of the thoughts that come against our minds. So we would use the tools. We’d break off, we’d confess whatever it is, ask the Holy Spirit, confess, and go into repentance.

But then what the Holy Spirit showed us, is that it’s not just a question of confessing and repenting. Let’s say I was struggling with fear. So I would confess the fear, I’d repent of it, but then the Holy Spirit started to shed light. Once you’ve broken off the fear and you’re moving away from it, receive – what’s the opposite of fear in the Bible? – perfect love casts out fear. So in the Spirit, what is the fruit of Spirit? It says in Galatians 5:22, that in its place I receive the love. When I receive that love and I say, “Holy Spirit, I break off the fear, I move into repentance, and now Holy Spirit, I receive the love of the Spirit,” and it begins to wash me and bring me back to my peace and joy, which rightfully are mine in the Spirit of the Lord.

So let me pray. Let me pray for you this morning that you would come into a greater victory, that we all would come into a greater victory in our personal walks, and that we would find ways to walk more effectively in the Spirit these days. I pray that we would hold on to that peace and allow the peace and the joy to flow through us, that we would be victorious in Messiah. God bless you.