A Day Filled With Abundance

Monday, October 17th, 2022

You are going to know His abundant goodness.  That is declared over your life. That is what He intends to give to you.
Patricia King


Hello, there.  My name is Patricia King and I host Supernatural Life for GOD TV.  It is our pleasure to present to you this little devotional on God Today.  In fact, we hope that you are really enjoying the devotionals that we send out to you daily.  We do them so that you can be encouraged, and enlightened, and blessed.  

Today I wanted to talk about your day, today, is a day of great abundance in God.  I want you to dream about that for just a moment – what it would be like if everything in your day was filled with God’s abundance.  The abundance of His love, the abundance of His peace, the abundance of His joy, the abundance of His favor, the abundance of His strength.  The abundance of everything good in God. Can you dream about that just for a moment? Isn’t that amazing? The more you dream, the more real it becomes.

Let’s look at a scripture here.  In fact, Jesus actually speaks this scripture.  He is teaching and He says, “The thief [meaning the devil] comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Or have it in abundance. The word “life” there is “Zoe” it is God’s life.  As we are living on planet Earth here, we have a mean devil going around, trying to make peoples’ lives miserable. He is trying to steal their joy, their promises, their dreams.  He is trying to destroy everything he can. He works hard at that. We serve a God who has power over him. His promise to us is an abundant life. That is what God wants you to have today.

I remember, years ago, when I was going through a warfare season.  I know we all go through seasons like that. It just seemed like one thing after another was under attack.  In that season I became negative. I woke up one morning and I was grumbling and complaining and I was miserable.  Until the Lord challenged me on it. He said, “What are you grumbling and complaining about? I want to give you an abundant life today.  I want to give you an abundance of peace, an abundance of blessings, an abundance of my goodness. I want to give you an abundance of joy today. Do you want that or do you want what you are murmuring and complaining about?  Because everything you are murmuring and complaining about is giving the devil power to go and harass you even more.”

Well, of course, once I got that insight from the Lord, there was no contest.  I kind of woke up to where I had been. I repented from the bad attitude that I had.  I turned unto the truth. I stood on that truth with God. I said, “God, you said I am going to have an abundant life today.  That is what I am going to decree and declare.” Sure enough, I went out through the day and I focused, with my mind centered on what the Lord had spoken.  It was like an attraction, I was like a magnet attracting all the goodness of God, the abundance of God’s goodness came to me that day. It was simple because all I had to do was realign.  Align myself with the promise of God. Align myself with the Word. Yes, of course, the devil is out there doing his thing, but God is greater. So I decree and declare over your life today that you are going to go about your day, about your night, every day as you walk with God you are going to know His abundant goodness.  That is declared over your life. That is what He intends to give to you. Open up your heart and receive it. Have a great day.