My Daughter The Seer

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

...raise those little seers to be the prophets God has called them to be.
Rebecca Greenwood


Hi, I am Rebecca Greenwood with Christian Harvest International, welcome to God Today.  I know there are mothers watching. I want to speak to even moms and dads, but especially to mothers, because what do you do when you have a child that is born a prophet? Not only born a prophet, but born a seer.

I want to share with you my experience.  Our oldest daughter, who is now 28, was born a seer.  How did we know? I will never forget the first time. She was right around the age of two, turning two.  She had always been very peaceful, slept through the night so well. My husband and I were new to a Spirit-filled walk.  I had just gotten walked through of deliverance myself, from fear, and heading into getting deliverance from depression. All of a sudden, our oldest daughter began to wake up in the middle of the night, at midnight.  Just like clockwork, she would be in utter fear, screaming. After several nights, my husband and I couldn’t get her calmed down. I called our pastor and said, “What do I do? What is this?” He said, “Your daughter is seeing in the spirit.”  I said, “What?” He said, “She is seeing in the spirit.” I was like, “Okay…” He goes, “This is what you do.” And he gave us the instruction.

Sure enough, that night we put her to bed.  Greg and I laid in bed and we weren’t really sleeping, we were a little nervous.  This was new for us. At midnight, like clockwork, she woke up screaming in utter fear.  So we went in and followed the instructions of our pastor. We turned the light on, and she got up out of her little girl bed, she was out of her crib, she ran up to me, and we got down and got eye to eye.  We said, “Sweetie, are you seeing something?” She said, “Uh-huh.” We said, “Is it good or bad?” She said, “Bad, bad, Mama.” All she knew how to describe it was, “Big bad, gorilla, Mama.” We put her between the two of us.  We held her hands and we prayed in a very calm voice. “In Jesus’ name, this spirit, the big bad gorilla, who is bringing fear to our daughter, we command you to go now. Lord, we ask you to send your angels.” Friends, we watched on her little face, this smile came on her face.  She said, “Pretty angel, Mama,” She climbed back into bed and went back to sleep by herself.

What do you do when you have a seer child?  You listen to what they are saying, you encourage the gift inside of them.  You mentor them through those moments. From that time forward, I can tell you, friends, Kendall sees in the spirit.  I will never forget, at the age of four, I giggle, because the Lord set me free from depression and joy rises up. At the age of four, I told her, “Honey, go clean your room. Daddy is about to be home from work.”  She said, “Okay, Mama.” She went to her room and came back five minutes later all sassy. She had her hands on her hips. “Mama, you want to know something?” I said, “Yes, baby, what?” She goes, “You told me to clean my room.”  “Yes, I did.” “Well, Mama, there is one of those bad things that you and Daddy don’t like in my room.  You know what it said to me?” I said, “What?” She goes, “It told me not to clean my room.” I said, “What did you do?”  “Mama, I stomped on its head and said, ‘No, in Jesus’ name!’ And, Mama, that demon dis-duh-peared.” She couldn’t say “disappeared” right. 

Then she said, “Mama, you want to know something else?”  I am thinking, “What is going to come out of the four-year-old’s mouth?”  I said, “Yes, I do.” She said, “Mama, we have angels.” My twin daughters who were four-months-old at the time, she said, “Mama, the twins have angels.  Mama, you have an angel, and Daddy has an angel. Mama, those angels help us. Mama, do you know what those angels do?” I said, “No, baby, what?” “They have that pointy, shiny thing.”  She was holding her hands out, she didn’t know the word. “Mama, you know what they do when those bad demons come?” I said, “No, what?” “They take those shiny, pointy things, and they go…WHOOOSHHHH…and those demons dis-duh-pear, Mama.”  Then she said something else. “Mama, you want to know something else?” “Yes, I do!!!” She said, “Mama, those demons NO like you and Daddy. Not at all. Do you know what they do when you guys pray in Jesus’ name?” I said, “No, baby, what?” She said, “They go, ‘AHHHHHHH’ and they dis-duh-pear.”  Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen to go clean her room. I was speechless. I called my husband. I just had a spiritual warfare 101 lesson from a four-year-old.

Listen, friends, we encouraged that gift in her.  By her dreams, by her visions, we made life decisions on jobs.  Her gift was so accurate. We engaged her gift in the lifestyle and culture of our home.  I can be preaching to nations today, and all of a sudden I will feel my cell phone vibrate, and I pull it up, and it is a text for her.  “Mama, I am praying for you. And your faith level is not high enough right now. Mama, get your faith level up, you can do this.” Her faith level is incredible because of her child-like faith in that seeing realm, that we mentored from a very young age.  Jesus says it, she sees it, she believes it, He does it. End of story. So, Mama, there is some wisdom for you to raise those little seers to be the prophets God has called them to be.