Saturday, November 5th, 2022

If there is one thing that I believe the Lord is calling us to – as a Church and as people of God – it is servanthood.
Jenny Kutz


Hi, my name is Jenny Kutz and I am the founder of Love To The Nations and part of a Children’s home in Thessaloniki, Greece called Abba House.  Right now you are watching God Today. If there is one thing that I believe the Lord is calling us to – as a Church and as people of God – it is servanthood.

Sometimes we see so many, we go to conferences, we see so many things and you feel this striving to be something great.  I grew up in a ministry family, so I understand people saying, “Pick me! Pick me! What about me? What about me?” It makes me think of whenever Jesus was speaking with the disciples and one of the mothers of the disciples came to Him.  She said like every good mother should, “Can my son sit next to you in the Kingdom? Can he have a place next to you?” She was thinking, “If my son can have this place in the Kingdom then he’d truly be great.”

There are so many times we have to check our hearts and say, “God, am I striving for a place to be seen?  Am I striving for a place to be great or to climb the ladder?” You know, here is the way of Jesus: it’s servanthood.  Jesus said, “You know, the one to be truly great is the one who serves.” Coming and being a minister to a nation, being a minister to the people that you love and the people you want to see come to the Kingdom of God, come to know Jesus.  What is our job? How do we come to this place to be effective ministers of the Gospel? It’s actually to be effective servants of Jesus and see how Jesus was and how He served.

One of our greatest calls and one of our greatest cries before the Lord is to say, “God, give me humility.  Let me humble myself. Let our work and let this move be one, not of growing men to be great, and strong, and huge, mean people.  But, to have us come to this place of, “I just want to be a servant. I just want to serve my neighbor. I just want to serve this person.”  If you are in ministry, sometimes we feel like in ministry we have to get to this place where so many people are serving us, but what if as leaders we look at the people God has surrounded us with and said, “God, how do I serve them?  How do I serve their vision?” Instead of the other way around, where we are saying, “How do they serve mine?” No, “How do I serve the people God has brought around me?” 

If I am looking to serve my brother, to serve my sister ,and they are looking to serve me, and it is mutual servanthood; I believe this is how the Kingdom of God works.  My prayer is that God brings us to a place of greatness by our lowliness. The honor that we receive not from man, but from God – there is no greater honor than to come as servants of God and servants of our brothers.  This is my prayer: for humility, for God to give us the heart that is humble. I believe that is where the greatness is in the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God, it is backwards. The least is the greatest, the leader is the servant.  Isn’t that beautiful – to live this way? We are laying down our lives for those who love Jesus, for those who want to know Jesus.

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, to give us a heart of humility.  Let us love people, God. Let us serve people. Father, for us not to see people as ones to be used, but as ones to be served.  I pray for that, Jesus. Humble our hearts wherever we are. In Jesus’ name. Amen.